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Shroud suggests awesome Apex Legends combined map idea

Published: 28/Mar/2020 13:39 Updated: 29/Mar/2020 12:38

by Joe Craven


Ex-CS:GO pro turned full-time streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has shared an awesome hybrid map concept for Apex Legends, combining both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge perfectly. 

Since its introduction at the beginning of Season 3, feedback to the World’s Edge map in Apex Legends has been modest. While probably unfair to describe it as widely loved, it has certainly not been met with the contempt Fortnite Chapter 2’s map has

Regardless, a mix of nostalgia and genuine preference has strengthened calls for Kings Canyon to return. Although we have seen it come back for some weekends and in Ranked Series 3’s second split, it has not made the full comeback some players want it to. 

Respawn Entertainment
World’s Edge debuted in Season 3.

Shroud is one top streamer who has devoted quite a bit of time to Apex Legends since its February 2019 release, and it seems like he’s an advocate of Kings Canyon returning – or at least part of it. 

In a March 25 tweet, the Mixer star posted an image of a hybrid map, combining the most popular POIs from both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. 

Attached was the caption: “Best of both worlds?” The map itself was appositely named ‘Kings Edge’. 

The map is the creation of one dedicated Apex Legends fan, who shared their idea on Reddit. It was acclaimed there, and it seems like shroud is a fan too.

Kings Edge retains the fan-favorite areas of both maps. For example, Bunker returns in all its glory in the center of the map, while the northeast area is dominated by Fragment and the Epicenter. 

Similarly, Skulltown, arguably fans’ favorite POI on the whole Kings Canyon map, makes a return just around the corner from Harvester. 

Respawn Entertainment
Thunderdome also makes a return in Kings Edge. 

Feedback to the map was very positive, with a number of fans speculating how a hybrid environment would shake up gameplay. 

At the time of writing shroud’s tweet sits at over 20,000 likes, highlighting just how many fans liked the look of Kings Edge. 

Given the amount of time and effort Respawn inevitably invested in the design of World’s Edge, it seems unlikely they’ll abandon it anytime soon. Still, we can dream. 

Apex Legends

Potential Loba buff spotted in Apex Legends Halloween trailer

Published: 21/Oct/2020 15:03

by Calum Patterson


Eagle-eyed Apex Legends players have spotted what appears to be an excellent new buff for Loba, possibly coming as soon as the Halloween event update, as it was spotted in the Fight or Fright trailer.

Despite hype levels off the charts for Loba’s addition in Season 5, her actual viability in gameplay never matched up. Partly this is because her teleport ability essentially didn’t work for months on World’s Edge.

That did get fixed eventually, but it still hasn’t been enough for Loba to break into the top tier picks, and Respawn are definitely aware. A slight buff was added in the Aftermarket event update, but it may not have gone far enough.

Loba now starts the match with her ultimate at 50% charge, and increased the range for her loot finding abilities. But, another, possibly more meaningful buff, could be on the way.

Loba in Apex Legends
Loba could be in for another much-needed buff.

Loba buff in trailer

Featuring prominently in the Fight or Fright event trailer, Loba at one point throws her bracelet to teleport, and very observant fans have noticed a significant change in the animation.

When her teleport is complete, Loba’s bracelet no longer spins in front of her, cutting out vital seconds before she’s able to be gun up, ready to fight again.

You can see a side-by-side comparison of the difference in the clip below, thanks to @noxlotl:

We can’t say for certain that this is a real buff that will actually function in gameplay, it’s possible it was for trailer purposes only. But, in previous trailers, this change hasn’t been made.

This might seem like a minor change, but it would promote Loba’s ability to be used more often for attacking plays, rather than simply running away when low on health.

Being ready to fire again faster means you could teleport behind an enemy player, and actually have a chance of killing them before they turn round due to the sound cue.

Whether we see this buff in Fight or Fright, Season 7, or at all, remains to be seen.