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Shroud proves he’s actually human with two hilarious Apex Legends fails

Published: 15/Jul/2019 9:54 Updated: 15/Jul/2019 10:20

by David Purcell


Michael ‘Apex Legends play. 

The popular streamer, who has over 6.6 million followers on the platform, was streaming a game of Respawn Entertainment‘s battle royale game on July 14 where he stunned fans with some less than impressive gameplay. 


He might attract thousands of viewers every time he goes live on Twitch, with many expecting to see some incredible shooting on display, but not many would have been expecting what happened next. 

Respawn EntertainmentWater Treatment is a very popular location in Apex Legends, but shroud didn’t have the best time looting there this time.

Shroud was running around the Water Treatment point of interest where he ran right into a player from another team, not too far away from him. Opening fire in their direction, he failed to strike his opponent down. “I missed every shot, solid stuff. Solid stuff,” the streamer said. 


If you think missing an easy target like that wasn’t enough to prove he’s human, his next move was even more disastrous as he jumped aboard a Balloon zipline, slipped off, and came crashing down off the edge of the map in hilarious fashion. 

“Don’t res [rescue] me. It’s not worth it,” he said as the zone started to close in on the team, bursting into laughter. “I wasn’t trying to get loot or anything, I just accidentally jumped.” 

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    Luckily for him, his team had his back to help gloss over this one. If this came in the final circle, it could have been even funnier to watch. 

Apex Legends

Respawn confirm capped FPS for Apex Legends on next-gen consoles

Published: 9/Oct/2020 22:41

by Bill Cooney


Apex fans looking forward to a possible FPS boost when the game heads to next-gen consoles have been left disappointed after devs from Respawn confirmed that upgrade wasn’t going to happen.

FPS means “frames per second” and represents how many times your screen refreshes over a second. Generally, the rule for most games is higher FPS = smoother movement and graphics in-game.


Both the Series X and PS5 will be able to support games up to 120 FPS, double the amount from the previous generation of consoles, but not all games will be able to take advantage.

Unfortunately, while Apex will be coming to both next-gen machines, it doesn’t seem like Respawn will be able to increase the frames players can achieve.


Replying to a user on Twitter who inquired about the 60 FPS lock, Respawn dev Jason McCord confirmed Apex would be staying where it was so that everyone could continue playing, no matter what system they’re on.

“Locking the game on consoles lets us give a more consistent framerate for the lower end machines,” McCord explained. “If we uncapped it, you’d see much bigger spikes and valleys, and the game would feel worse.”

That’s not to say that Apex won’t perform better with new hardware though, framerate drops have been an almost constant complaint amongst players since the game was released, but it’s thought that the PS5 and Xbox Series X should do a much better job of keeping things at consistent 60 FPS.


In fact if Apex is able to keep framerate drops from happening, we’d wager being able to keep things going at a steady 60 frames a second would be a significantly more noticeable upgrade for many players than making it able to go all the way up to 120.

All that being said Respawn’s battle royale is still doing quite well with a loyal community of fans, and it will look to keep things going as players eventually start to move to new consoles to play through Season 7.