Apex Legends

Shroud hilariously shut down moments after criticizing Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament

by Alan Bernal


Twitch star shroud was one of the favorites to come out on top during the Twitch Rival Apex Legends tournament, but the streamer had a major criticism for the event’s format that was broadcast on the competition’s main channel.


Twitch Rivals is the platform’s exclusive esports series that pits streamer against streamer in numerous games, but their latest tournament for Apex Legends drew some ire from certain corners of the space.

During a scheduled break, Twitch Rivals switched its feed to show shroud’s personal stream, but at the tail end of the intermission, shroud heavily criticized the tourney’s format, much to the surprise of Twitch.


Shroud and teammate Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham were discussing bathroom breaks before the tournament began, which led to the former CS:GO pro's scathing comments about the event.

“Oh yeah, you’re not gonna be able to [take a break],” shroud said. “It’s actually kind of fucked up, the format. Four hours of just straight fuckin...”


Shroud had trailed off just before Twitch Rivals switched back to the main studio where the hosts had to push on with the broadcast after the surprising remarks.

On his stream, shroud suggested that the format should have included some kind of break between all the action, but that part didn’t make it into the official broadcast.


The Twitch Chat for the tournament’s stream was filled with laughter after the cut was perfectly timed with shroud’s comment, making it seem like it was a way for Twitch to save face.