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Apex Legends • Feb 09, 2019

Shroud finishes off swarm of Apex Legends enemies in under a minute

Shroud finishes off swarm of Apex Legends enemies in under a minute

Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek has done it again, adding yet another highlight play to his backlog of incredible clips. However, this time he didn't dominate foes in PUBG or Fortnite - instead, he took his talents to Apex Legends and ruined enemies days there. 

When viewers tune into a Shroud stream, they can absolutely expect to see jaw-dropping plays every few games that are insane enough to convince them that he is cheating, or that he is a video gaming playing alien sent from a distant galaxy with one goal - to headshot all foes.

Now, Shroud has his hands on a new game - the hugely popular Apex Legends, and he’s already proving why he is one of the best, if not the best, first-person shooter players on the planet with the free-to-play Battle Royale.  

Coming up against Shroud in an FPS might be one of the most difficult things in the world.

In his newest highlight, Shroud showed why he is not to be messed with - wiping out two squads of enemies in under 60 seconds while his teammates were under fire, unable to help. 

The former CS:GO pro bounced around an open field with one of the game’s rare energy weapons in hands. Despite missing his first few shots, Shroud quickly got into position behind one squad and took them down with ease - firing shots into their backs. Using as a rock cover, Shroud then dispatched of the second team with spectacular jumping shots that would ruin any opponents day - probably breaking a few keyboards in the process.

With teams taking steps into the esports side of the new title, Shroud would easily be at the top of any free agent list - but it's pretty unlikely he'll ever solely compete in a game again.

He will, probably, however, compete in a number of tournaments and dominate opponents in those while picking up a nice winners bonus in the process. 

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