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Shroud criticizes “lame” buffs and nerfs in Apex Legends update

Published: 19/Jan/2020 14:10 Updated: 20/Jan/2020 9:50

by Andy Williams


Mixer star, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, has weighed in on Apex Legends’ Grand Soirée update and gave his two cents on the Gibraltar buff which Respawn introduced on January 14. 

Shroud has planted his flag when it comes to Apex Legends’ Grand Soirée event: third-person LTM or bust. He made his stance clear, when discussing Respawn’s latest event on stream.

While Grzesiek only seemed to be enticed by the prospect of third-person action in Apex Legends, he did also provide a somewhat cut-throat insight into the meta changes which have materialized off the back of the Grand Soirée update.


Apex Legends' Crypto, Wraith and Gibraltar.
Crypto and Gibraltar were buffed, while Wraith was nerfed on January 14.

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Despite previously being partnered with EA during the opening months of Apex Legends, shroud has recently stepped away from the battle royale and invested most of his time into Escape from Tarkov. 

During his January 18 stream, shroud decided to dabble in the third-person mode. When catching up on the recent changes, pro player, Timothy ‘sYnceDez’ Putrow, provided a brief overview. 

“So they did release some buffs and nerfs, but they’re just not good buffs and nerfs?” shroud questioned. Putrow proceeded to explain that Gibraltar’s revive speed has been increased from the standard five seconds for most characters, to around two seconds while inside his Dome of Protection.


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Grzesiek spared no silence and cut right to the chase. “Gibraltar is a much, much better Lifeline because you can fast-heal your whole team…

“And now you can quick res, in safety – in full safety – not just a front cone, full safety. So yeah, that totally eliminates Lifeline. That’s pretty lame.”

Putrow then summarized Gibby’s current Passive Abilities after the update. The Legend can now both fast heal and fast revive inside of their dome, while also rocking a face shield during gunfights. 

Given Gibraltar’s newfound ability buff, shroud labeled Respawn’s actions as a “bad change,” before stating: “I don’t think they need to try to make a character that nobody really uses much better, they could just try to make something new instead.”


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The Mixer star empathized with the difficult position that Respawn are in, however, by adding that his solution would require “more development time,” which would eat into the developer’s resources and time. 

Despite shroud’s views, he continued to try his hand at the third-person mode. Perhaps Grzesiek will venture into the Apex Games on a more permanent basis when Season 4 launches on February 4.