ShivFPS rages for Apex Legends Knockdown Shields to be removed from comp

Alan Bernal
via iTemp Plays YouTube

The Apex Legends Global Series showcases the highest level of competitive gameplay from across the major regions, but Luminosity Gaming steamer ‘ShivFPS’ noticed a major flaw in the competition.

During the five-rounds split of the European finals, Shiv saw the Gambit Esports squad struggling to finish off the trio from SJP2. With all three opponents equipped with a self-res Legendary Knockdown Shield, it was a tricky situation for the team to maneuver with only four squads left in the match.

Sandwiched between a team to the east and another to the north, Gambit’s problems were only intensified after Konstantin ‘Hardecki’ Kozlov pulled off a clutch 1v3 just to be met with three gold Shields.

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Upon reviewing the match, Shiv saw this as a major hindrance to the competitive side of Apex Legends. The streamer went on an impassioned rant about why Knockdown Shields should be taken out of the competitive side of Apex.

“F**k Knockdown Shields, get this sh** out of the game,” Shiv screamed. “They have three fu**ing shields. It’s not f**king good for comp, you dumb f**ks. Get f**king self-res out of f**king competitive Apex Legends!”

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As Hardecki was trying to finish off any one of the three downed players, he was getting pushed from team ЧМК. The incoming team saw a great opportunity to poke down Gambit, who were trying to stay alive while finding an angle to eliminate the downed players.

The fact that the enemy team was being saved by the Shields made it more and more likely that the Gambit players would end up being pinched by the other remaining squad.

Shiv thought this was egregious since neither team ended up finishing on top, especially since the squad spent so much time having to deal with a team that was already downed but not out, thanks to the item’s self-revive ability.

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Knockdown Shields can be a fun and dynamic part for players in Apex Legends, but Shiv clearly finds a flaw when using the item in a competitive setting, especially because of its self-res property.

Respawn and the community agree that the item needs to be looked at and players could be seeing a change coming to Knockdown Shields soon.