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Shaders bug in Apex Legends turns entire game bright blue

Published: 11/Sep/2021 16:30

by Lawrence Scotti


A strange bug in Apex Legends apparently caused by faulty shaders installation has reared its head, makes the entire game look underwater.

Apex is never short of bizarre bugs – On August 29, we reported on a bug that bothered players where strange, loud music played over the typical in-game sounds.

These bugs pop up occasionally and are typical for any game of Apex’s size that receives consistent updates. This newest one, however, is particularly strange and involves an issue with updating shaders.

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Apex Legends’ new bug makes everything look like an underwater level of Super Mario.

Apex’s Blue screen shader bug

The issue was reported by Reddit user BigHusky89, and it’s one of the more visually jarring bugs we’ve seen from Apex. The post is titled “Had to download shaders and this happened”, suggesting there was an issue during the shader installation.


The video shows their game has been entirely turned blue, with a fluorescent glow. The game is still fully functional, just now they’re playing an underwater version of the game.

Although this glitch obviously hinders your ability to play the game, the blue effect on everything also looks pretty cool. It’s not entirely clear what went wrong with the shaders when BigHusky downloaded them, but whatever happened cranked up the blue.

There were a ton of jokes about the blue screen in the comments following the post. One player joked, “free thermal vision”, seeing the blue screen as a blessing in disguise.


Hopefully, for BigHusky they uninstalled all of the game’s shaders and reinstalled them so they can get back to their regularly scheduled Apex matches.