Secret Horizon passive makes her footsteps OP in Apex Legends

Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Popular Apex Legends streamer Christian ‘Nokokopuffs’ Feliciano has showcased a hidden Horizon passive that makes her footstep audio overpowered.

While cheaters, matchmaking, and balancing are all major points of discussion within the Apex Legends community at the moment, audio issues are another complaint that never seems to go away.

Being able to hear your enemies clearly during an intense gunfight is absolutely essential, especially in the final stages of a match.

While every character in Apex is designed to produce footstep cues when they move in a certain direction, Horizon’s slower and floaty movement does give her an advantage.

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Well, Nokokopuffs has showcased that when moving around corners, the Gravitational Manipulator barely makes any footstep audio as her footsteps slow down even more than usual.

Horizon Apex Legends passiveRespawn Entertainment

Horizon’s footstep audio is OP in Apex Legends

During a recent stream, Noko decided to showcase why Horizon’s footstep audio is overpowered compared to other Legends on the roster.

Thanks to her Spacewalk passive that gives her floaty footsteps, the Gravitational Manipulator produces fewer audio cues while moving.

While this is already strong, Noko demonstrated that when moving around corners or in a circle, she barely makes any sound at all, making it impossible to track her movement.

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This is immensely powerful in end-game circles and shows off an extra secret element to her passive that very few players know about.

Although Noko questions whether this feature is a bug, it seems unlikely given that the slow movement is programmed to be in sync with the audio.

So, it seems Respawn did intend for this to be an element of Horizon’s kit, despite Noko calling it “messed up”.

Some members of the community do disagree though, arguing that Horizon’s height justifies her bigger strides: “She has long legs, that’s why she doesn’t make a step as often as Wraith with 2/3 height”.

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Either way, this is just another reason to play Horizon, who already has an impressive 8% pick rate in Season 15.