Scrapped Titanfall campaign reveals similarity to Apex Legends story

Respawn Entertainment

A first-ever look at the scrapped campaign from the original Titanfall has been revealed by a Respawn developer who is now the design director on Apex Legends.

Titanfall was the first game made by Respawn Entertainment, after the studio formed from a group of devs who left Infinity Ward after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Although the sequel released with a now critically-acclaimed campaign, the first game in the series focused solely on multiplayer – but it turns out this wasn’t always the plan.

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Titanfall 2 titanRespawn Entertainment
Titanfall added a campaign in the sequel.

In fact, the studio had created a fully functioning demo for a campaign, which never saw the light of day, until Jason McCord shared footage on Twitter on September 21.

The gameplay is a throwback to the old Titanfall experience, but there’s no titans or combat on show here, just some exposition and basic movement.

For Apex players, there’s actually a link here to the Kings Canyon map. The protagonist describes the ‘Wildlife control tower’ as “what stops the creatures from coming in.”

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In Season 2 of Apex Legends, Crypto destroys a similar tower on Kings Canyon, known as the repulsor tower, which causes the infestation of flyers and leviathans on the map.

The plan for this mission seems to be similar – destroy the repulsor tower to create a diversion. There’s also other familiar features, such as the MRVNs (robots like Pathfinder).

Repulsor Tower in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Repulsor Tower was destroyed by Crypto in Season 2.

Sharing this clip will no doubt get Titanfall fans hoping for another entry in the series, but so far, there’s been limited news on a third game.

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Although, During EA’s last financial call, CFO Blake Jorgensen did say “Maybe we’ll see Titanfall sometime down the road” – so all hope is not lost.