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Ridiculous Apex Legends glitch swaps Gibraltar and Pathfinder models

Published: 8/Dec/2020 1:08 Updated: 8/Dec/2020 1:09

by Bill Cooney


A new glitch in Apex legends seems to be randomly switching legend’s models, and apart from being annoying, is producing some hilarious clips as well.

One of the most important things in Apex is the ability to tell which character you’re going up against, which is why each legend has their own unique look.

When you see a Crypto, for example, you know you’ll probably have to be on the lookout for his drone as well. That’s why players are finding a new glitch that switches characters’ appearance so annoying.

Gibraltar's Holo-Day Bash Apex Legends skin
Respawn Entertainment
Gibraltar apparently got some new tricks in his stocking this year.

While it’s not hard to see how this would be irritating, seeing Gibraltar hurtling full speed and absolutely crushing another legend using Pathfinder’s grapple is one of the funniest things we’ve seen in Apex all year.


You can practically hear Gibby screaming something along the lines of “Oh yeah bruddah” as he screams towards Lifeline on the train, probably having the time of his life.

When it comes to Apex Legends, Gibraltar is probably the least-mobile out of all the game’s characters, making up for it with his powerful shields. The big man just doesn’t look right swinging around like Pathfinder, but it certainly is entertaining.

So…. A Gibraltar GRAPPLED into me on the Winter Express and killed me. Yes, you read that correctly. from apexlegends

This character model switch is a known glitch, but it seems to happen completely randomly when it does pop up, it’s also not known if this changes your hitbox at all, either. This might honestly be a good thing though, because if players were able to reproduce it, it would be very easy to exploit.


Just imagine being able to use Gibraltar’s abilities, but with a character model of Wraith (who has one of the smallest hitboxes in the game). Thankfully that’s not possible (yet) so for now we can all enjoy this clip. Even if this happened to us, we probably would be too busy cracking up to get upset.