Revenant mains want Apex Legends Shadow Royale-inspired buff

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Revenant usually falls toward the bottom of Apex Legends character tier lists, but players discovered a perfect buff for his Ultimate ability.

Apex Legends launched with eight characters in 2019. In three years, the roster expanded to 22 total legends to choose from. Inevitably, with more options at your fingertips, some legends fell to the wayside in favor of other, more powerful options.

According to Apex Legends pick rates, players only select Revenant in 2.4% of matches, ranking 16th. Octane holds the throne as the most popular Legend, selected at 11.8%.

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Revenants’ Ultimate ability doesn’t pack the same punch as other Legends, but fans of the character may have discovered a perfect buff.

Apex Legends players suggest Death Totem rework

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Revenant’s Ultimate ability, Death Totem, could need a rework.

Revenant’s Ultimate ability, Death Totem, drops a totem that protects teammates from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, players return to the totem for a limited amount of time.

Reddit user Kvetanista posed the change of Death Totem, transforming players into a Shadow Royale type of shadow.

The Shadow Royale Apex Legends LTM transformed players into shadows. Each shadow has 65 health, increased movement speed, can wall run, double jump, and deal 50 damage per melee attack hit. 

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To balance the ability out, shadows cannot loot and emit a constant loud noise to alert enemies of their position.

One player responded, “That would be an incredible buff. Honestly, with how fragile the shadows are, it wouldn’t be too broken, but it would be a game changer and probably make me play Revenant for the wall running.”

Another user added, “Would be a cool change. No gun, just super speed punches.”

Apex Legends players pleaded for Legend reworks in place of new character additions in May. Characters such as Revenant are primed for a much-needed overhaul.

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