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Respawn writer hints Forge will return to Apex Legends

Published: 7/May/2020 14:47

by Joe Craven


Tom Casiello, writer at Respawn Entertainment, has hinted that Apex Legends fans could see more of Forge, the legend who was brutally murdered as part of Revenant’s introduction in Season 4. 

One aspect of Apex Legends that has made the game so captivating for fans is the lore and narrative that surrounds Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Each legend has a unique back story, the likes of which can overlap with other legends’ stories.

Loba, for example, is set to be added at the start of Season 5 on May 12. Her father was murdered by Revenant – a key motivating factor in her arrival in Kings Canyon. It is Revenant, the Synthetic Nightmare, who was introduced through the murder of Forge, the legend who was initially teased for Season 4.

While Respawn have previously hinted that we’ve seen the last of Forge, writer Tom Casiello has reignited speculation with a series of tweets.

In response to a fan saying ‘Voidwalker’ was one of the coolest events in Apex Legends, Casiello replied: “Our team does our best to rotate which characters get the trailers/animated shorts/lore so no one Legend monopolizes the spotlight. You can safely assume NO Legend’s story is “over” at the moment.”

Understandably, these comments got some fans speculating about a potential return of Forge – the legend who was used as a narrative device to promote Revenant’s introduction.

Despite initially stating that Forge was an exception the rule and that he was gone forever, he cast doubt on that entirely with a one-word follow up tweet: “Maybe”.

Twitter: @tommiecas
Casiello’s tweet hint at a return for Forge.

With Casiello’s tweets, the future of James ‘The Forge’ McCormick is up in the air. Despite Respawn devs previously describing Forge as “super dead” and a tool to trick data miners, a host of Apex Legends players are, quite understandably, excited at what is to come.

There’s every possibility Casiello is simply baiting the Apex’ fan base, but only time will tell whether Forge has a tangible future in Respawn’s acclaimed battle royale.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends reveals huge black hole teaser ahead of Season 7

Published: 25/Oct/2020 17:20

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment have revealed their newest teaser ahead of Apex Legends Season 7, involving a black hole and a small spaceship.

With Apex Legends Season 7 dropping on November 4, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale have been eager for details about the new Legend, a potential new map, and everything else that a brand new season brings.

The devs have already dropped some hints about potentially adding ‘Olympus’ as a new map, used Horizon as a potential new Legend to give players challenges, and started talking about who will be receiving a buff with the big update.

They’ve also added a big teaser in the form of a familiar-looking ‘UFO’ floating off the coast of both World’s Edge and King’s Canyon. Now, they’ve moved on to a new teaser – a black hole.

horizon in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Horzion was the latest Legend to be teased in-game.

The black hole doesn’t appear in Kings Canyon or World’s Edge, but instead, is the main image being used to hype up the new Stories from the Outlands video

The video, which is set to go live on Monday, October 26 at 3 pm GMT/11 am EDT/8 am PDT, is titled ‘Promise’ and in the image showing the black hole, a small spacecraft can also be seen in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Some players have quickly suggested that the video is all about Horizon’s official reveal as a new Legend, but it could be showing a flight to Olympus for the new map. We won’t know for sure until the video is premiered. 

Each Tales from the Outlands videos has given us more and more insight into the bigger story surrounding Apex Legends, including things like the backstory of Bloodhound and the death of Forge. 

What this one has in store still remains to be seen, but it’s sure to be packed with teasers for Season 7, and potentially even other future seasons.