Respawn warns of “dry” month for Apex Legends before big update soon

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Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has warned players that the next month will be pretty thin on the ground in terms of new content, but that the patch at the end of June will be worth the wait.

Season 9 is now almost a month old, and outside of the small ‘Arenas Flash events’, there hasn’t been much to sink into, except of course the new mode itself.

But, as with any live service game, a constant stream of new content is expected to keep the game fresh and give players a reason to come back each day.

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Season 9 kicked off on May 4.

Usually, at the midpoint of a season, there will be a collection event in Apex Legends, which acts as the main mid-season update, and adds a bunch of new content.

It looks like this will take place at the end of June for Season 9, as Respawn’s head of comms, Ryan Rigney, has warned that the next month will be a bit dry.

“The next month for Apex is gonna be a bit of a dry spell content release-wise,” Rigney said on Twitter. “But when 9.1 drops at the end of June… gonna be some good stuff to chew on.”

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We would hope that part of that 9.1 update will be a ranked playlist for Arenas, as the developers promised this in a “future update.” However, there is no guarantee, and they could be saving it for the launch of a new season instead.

In the meantime, players are hoping that the devs can bring back some classic LTMs to bridge the gap in content, but Rigney explained that the risk of bugs is high when bringing back legacy content.

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There is, of course, the ALGS Championship to look forward to, which will reach its climax at the start of June. We also expect there will be some in-game cosmetics to be earned by watching the event on Twitch.

Otherwise, it’s going to be a case of waiting until that big 9.1 update.

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