Respawn to ban Apex Legends players using infinite Wraith phasing glitch

Respawn Entertainment

Senior Designer at Apex Legends players found to be abusing a new Wraith glitch.

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Apex Legends players had uncovered another game-breaking bug featuring Wraith, and unlike some of the relatively harmless bugs the battle royale game has seen in the past, this new glitch has been quickly picked up by players looking to exploit the in-game ranking system.

Although developers at Respawn have been made aware of the new Wraith exploit, it is still yet to be patched, however, they have revealed that they will start issuing suspensions for players who are abusing it in Ranked Play.

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Respawn entertainmentWraith is one of the most popular Apex Legends characters.
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The glitch allows players to reset Wraith’s phasing ability with minimal cooldown, which can be exploited so that players can almost remain within the void infinitely, making it much easier to survive until the late game.

With players quickly rising through the ranks due to the exploit, Respawn announced that they will start handing out one-day bans, to anyone found using the glitch in Ranked, and suspension times will increase for any repeat offenders.

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They also revealed that a fix has already been made for the bug and it is expected to be implemented in the next Apex Legends patch.

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The glitch can be very frustrating to play against as reddit user, OfficialKryptoh, found out while streaming an Apex Legends game against one of the cheating Wraith players.

Even with his full team attempting to kill the glitched Wraith player in between the character’s phasing ability, it took way longer than it should have, causing the players to get understandably frustrated. 

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“How bad do you have to be to resort to this?” He asked, before his team eventually picked up the winning kill.

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Although Respawn have revealed that they will be issuing temporary bans for players caught using the glitch, many fans have been calling for the cheating players Ranked Points to be heavily penalized instead.

With many expressing that the bans won’t mean as much to the players if their accounts still remain to keep their inflated rank.

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