Respawn reveal how Storm Point updates will differ from past Apex Legends map changes

Storm Point map with Apex Legends Season 11 logoRespawn Entertainment

Respawn devs have shed some light on how the new Storm Point map will develop and evolve in Apex Legends, as fans look forward to its arrival in Season 11: Escape. 

There is plenty for Apex Legends fans to look forward to in Season 11, with the update promising the typical plethora of new content. At the top of the list though, are Ash and Storm Point.

The former is Season 11’s new legend and looks to be a combination of Octane and Wraith. The latter is the game’s fourth battle royale map; a bright and tropical environment that promises to bring some sun-soaked slaughter to the Apex Games.

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Respawn have already spoken about the map, explaining their creative process and how often Apex fans can expect a wholly new BR environment.

storm point mapRespawn Entertainment
Storm Point comes with Apex Legends Season 11: Escape.

However, Level Designer Rodney Reece has now disclosed more details about how the map is set to evolve.

Speaking to Dot Esports, Reece said that the changes the game’s maps have experienced to this point were not originally planned.

“There was never an expectation that we would change the maps,” he said. The evolution they saw was a way to keep matches fresh and adjust POIs.

The Mill Storm Point Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Storm Point features plenty of new POIs, but they won’t be destroyed in the same way as past maps.

He also hinted that changes to Storm Point will be far less destructive than past maps, stating that it will “grow more naturally and with some more forethought”.

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The changes, too, will be decided by how the map is taken to by Apex’s player-base. He explained that new choke points and chaotic POIs emerge when maps are released, often not mirrored by Respawn’s prior play-tests.

Storm Point has been designed to try and minimize these unpredictable elements, and is roughly 15% bigger than World’s Edge, meaning it is comfortably Apex’s largest map.

Considerable thought and planning has evidently gone into Storm Point, and players will be relishing the chance to drop in and explore.