Respawn reveal Apex Legends SBMM changes as they seek “more balanced” matches

Seer stood over Revenant in Apex LegendsRespawn

Respawn Entertainment have revealed initial changes and results from tweaks to Apex Legends’ SBMM, as debate around the BR’s skill-based matchmaking continues ahead of Season 16. 

While always a major topic among the player base, Apex Legends’ SBMM became even more talked about in Season 15. 

Large numbers of players reported imbalances in their lobbies, with low-ranked competitors dropped in against incredibly skilled ones. 

The issues elicited responses from Respawn, including detailed explanations of Apex Legends’ SBMM and a promise that improvements would be made in the new year.

Now, we’ve had a first update on those promised adjustments. 

Respawn provide update on Apex Legends SBMM

In a January 3 tweet, the devs outlined the changes felt so far as a result of tweaks to SBMM. 

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Their findings were based on the percentage of players in the “test” lobbies who racked up at least one kill. There is an obvious and significant jump compared to the previous matchmaking, suggesting more balanced lobbies where players are closely matched. 

Respawn said: “Over the holidays, we conducted some Apex matchmaking tests in one region to create more balanced matches. We are seeing promising results as players are able to make more kills (pink line in the graph).”

They also pledged further improvements and a blog to offer a more in-depth explanation of the changes made and those yet to come. 

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Naturally, it was welcomed by the community, many of whom have been vocal in their issues with unbalanced matches across Season 15. 

No timescale was provided as to the full implementation of the changes but, with Season 16 set to begin in February, that could be a target for the game’s developers.