Respawn responds to ‘Return to battle’ bug ruining Apex Legends games

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Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment confirmed an upcoming fix for a bug with the new out of bounds rules that are starting to cause Apex Legends players some headaches.

A Season 13 change to Apex disabled the use of Legend abilities, throwing grenades, using certain items, and more. This was an overall quality of life update to stop people from abusing the out-of-bounds areas on the map.

After the patch landed, however, people found that there were a few unintended results that were hindering the gameplay. Moreover, players are finding that the out-of-bounds or ‘return to battle’ warnings can trigger in the worst possible times – even when they’re inside the battle royale’s bounds.

Whether in a battle or simply trying to escape the zone, Apex players have run into a couple of snags with the new system that is primed for a few repairs.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players are finding issues with the game’s latest update to the out-of-bounds penalties.

Apex Legends out of bounds glitch

Respawn Game Designer ‘Jello’ responded to a player who ran into an apparent game boundary that wasn’t supposed to be there, disabling their ability to fight.

As Horizon, the player intended to use her Gravity Lift to rain down some grenades from above. But at the apex of their lift, the game registered them as being outside of the battlefield.

“I feel like this is a bug on Olympus that should be fixed, right?” the player asked. “It says ‘Return to battle’ when it shouldn’t, which makes me unable to throw grenades for example.”

Luckily, this shouldn’t be a problem for much longer seeing as Respawn is targeting a fix for an upcoming patch, according to Jello. He said “there is a fix for this coming with the mid-season patch” that should get rid of the problem.

Hopefully, this means that the Apex Legends devs will address other out-of-bounds glitches found since the latest patch, but we’ll have to wait and see for the mid-season update to know for sure.

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