Respawn pushes back against Apex Legends player pleas to nerf Kraber in Season 11

Bloodhound using Apex Legends KraberRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have nudged Respawn for Kraber nerfs leading into Season 11, but the developers aren’t budging on the powerful care package weapon. However, there are some changes coming to care packages in the November 2 update that’ll affect it.

The crash of a Kraber ringing out across the Outlands is a scary sound in any Apex Legends game.

Being the only gun in the Outlands that can one-shot any enemy, it holds a power many others don’t. It’s gated behind care packages, but in the late game, one Kraber headshot can turn the tides of a fight.

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Players have long called for Kraber nerfs, and Apex Legends pros have been the loudest voice in this. Reducing its ammo, hipfire, adding some sort of counterplay to stop the one-shot headshot, or straight up removing it from competitive; all of these suggestions have been floated.

However, ahead of Apex Legends Season 11, Respawn aren’t doing anything to nerf the Kraber, balance designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson confirmed.

Wattson Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Kraber may be powerful, but you’ll need a secondary that thrives in short range gunifghts.

“I ultimately came to the conclusion that as long as it has a one shot crit, we can change hipfire, ammo, body shot damage, etc. and pros will still have an issue with it,” Larson said on October 27.

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“That’s not a bad thing.

“There’s a give and take when it comes to RNG in a ‘competitive battle royale.’ Some might say that’s a bit of an oxymoron, but RNG in some capacity is an integral part of any BR. That balance is part of the secret sauce that makes Apex what it is.”

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Respawn did discuss some potential changes internally, such as adding an indicator so players can tell when a Kraber is aiming at them while in their field of view.

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Those changes didn’t make sense though, JayBiebs said, because “in most cases where the Kraber feels bad, glint [a visual indicator] wouldn’t help.”

Supply drop with weapons inside in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Despite no direct nerfs, changes coming to Apex Legends care packages in Season 11 will affect the Kraber.

Larson did confirm one change was coming to the Kraber in Apex Legends Season 11. Care package weapon spawn rates are being buffed, but he told players to not be alarmed.

“Don’t worry, we’re adjusting Kraber to stay in line with what it currently is,” he added.

Respawn aren’t ruling out future Kraber nerfs either. Larson said: “We never want to get to a point where we’re balancing for two games [pros and casuals]. The Kraber does seem like an exception here though.

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“It is the only item that can one shot crit in a game where you only have one life. While I could go either way, I would draw a line there.”