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Respawn respond to Rampart bug crashing Apex Legends games

Published: 19/Aug/2020 11:28

by Matt Porter


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that they are looking into issues with Crypto’s drone and Rampart’s wall and minigun that have appeared after the launch of Season 6. 

After weeks of anticipation and following clues and hints dropped in the game by Respawn, fans of the popular battle royale title finally got their hands on Season 6. It introduced Rampart, the Boosted Battle Pass, and the all-new Crafting system.

Of course, with new characters, weapons, and lots of map changes, it comes as no surprise that players have discovered some issues that are affecting the game, despite Respawn’s best efforts to test and resolve any glitches before they hit the live servers.

Thankfully though, the developers are hot on the case of two of the more frustrating bugs in Season 6, confirming on social media on Tuesday, August 18 that they were already investigating issues involving Crypto and Rampart.

Rampart in the Apex Legends Season 6 trailer.
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart is the newest addition to Apex Legends, but has suffered from glitches.

In a tweet sent out by the official Apex Legends Twitter account, Respawn discussed the two glitches, before providing a positive update for those anxious to see them resolved in-game.

“Heads up Legends,” they wrote. “We’re currently looking into Crypto’s drone not properly detecting players when on Rampart’s minigun. Additionally, we are also aware that in some regions, when you shoot the top part of Rampart’s wall, it causes an error. More updates to come as we have them!”

In-game, the issue with Crypto’s drone means that while it is able to pick up and highlight Rampart’s Amped Cover, it doesn’t mark any Legend who is sitting on the weapon using it, meaning it can cause issues with alerting teammates of the threat. For others, shooting the wall ends up disconnecting players from the server on occasion, leaving them with a frustrating error code.

The second issue, with Rampart’s Amped Cover, was actually totally disconnecting players from the game when two of the walls are placed and shot through. This is clearly a game-breaking bug in some cases, and so a quick fix is needed.

While these issues are frustrating, the fact that Respawn are aware of them is good news and means a fix is likely on the horizon.

When this will be released onto the live servers remains to be seen, but with investigations ongoing, hopefully, it won’t be long before these glitches are a thing of the past.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 7 start date moved ahead by one week

Published: 21/Oct/2020 22:40 Updated: 21/Oct/2020 22:46

by Tanner Pierce


After an initial leak and then a change with the Season 6 Battle Pass, it appears that the start date for Apex Legends’ Season 7 start date has been moved up by a week.

Although not officially announced yet by Respawn Entertainment, all indications seem to be pointing to Season 7 kicking off a week earlier than had been originally scheduled.

According to the in-game Battle Pass menu, S7 was initially set to start on November 10, but prominent data-miner ‘Shrugtal’ leaked updated game code that showed the date being changed to November 4.

Following Shrugtal’s tweet, the Battle Pass menu was adjusted to show that, as of October 21, there were only 14 days left remaining in S6, rather than the 21 that had been displayed earlier the same day.

This all but confirms the date change, which Respawn have not yet explained, although it could be because S6 had been delayed by a week, so this could be the devs wanting to keep subsequent seasons on schedule rather than all of them also starting a week later.

This article is currently being updated with more info…