Respawn listens to Apex Legends player pleas by offering cheaper coins in-game

Apex Legends Coin Update Feature PieceRespawn Entertainment

After months of discourse from the Apex Legends community surrounding the high cost of in-game coins, Respawn has finally listened to the criticism and added lower costing currency packs.

The Apex Legends in game currency, Apex coins, allows players to purchase cosmetic items for characters and weapons. Items may vary in cost which then requires players to purchase bigger currency packs.

However, more often than not, fans find themselves forking out money for a pack to then only need to use a portion of the coins they have purchases to unlock their items. 

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This issue is something that a lot of different communities have with most online games or any game that includes some form of in game currency. The options are usually either bigger, more expensive packs or require players to purchase multiple in order to unlock the item they desire.

Now after player pleas, Respawn has given players a more budget option when they buy Apex Coins.

Apex Legends Coin pack optionsRespawn Entertainment
Players now have more options when it comes to purchasing currency packs with a 500 coin bundle for $4.99.

While Respawn made no statement or formal acknowledgement of this problem and player concern, a recent development in the game suggests that they had heard the cries and were happy to answer them.

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Now when players go to purchase currency packs, they will have the added options of purchasing 500 Apex coins, setting players back $4.99 USD. It replaces the 1,000 coin, $9.99 offering as the cheapest bundle.

The change means players don’t have to fork out big dollars and have plenty of Apex Coins sitting there waiting to be used — so you can spent just the right amount when you need.

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