Respawn hint that Apex Legends moving emote glitch won’t be removed

. 1 year ago
Gibby laughing next to Loba cane emote
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have hinted that Apex Legends’ moving emote glitch won’t be removed, despite appearing to be a way to exploit the BR’s movement system. 

Any game of Apex Legends’ size and scale is bound to suffer from the occasional bug or glitch, and the general opinion of the community is largely complimentary towards Respawn.

One recent emergent bug allows players to emote while moving around the map, leading to some hilarious and bizarre gameplay. While some players called on Respawn to patch the issues, most are enjoying the hilarity provided by the odd movement and highlighted the harmlessness of the issues.

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Wraith Ground Emote 2
Reddit / 'u/jerky_mcjeffsters'
Players have already found some (thankfully) harmless ways to push ground emotes beyond their intended use.

While Respawn have not been explicit in how they will tackle the problems, they appear to be letting them stay, at least for the meantime.

On May 10, Respawn’s official Apex Legends Twitter account posted a tweet showing players using the bug, leading many to the conclusion that they will not be patching it.

Similarly, Director of Communications Ryan Krigney made comments on a Reddit thread about the emote movement bugs, suggesting they don’t mind players using them in-game.

In a discussion about the fact that the official Apex account posted the above clip, some players suggested that the Twitter team may be completely unrelated to the dev team, who could still yet patch it.

Ryan Krigney, though, said “We do [work in unison with the devs]”, suggesting that the devs are fine with the emote movement glitch and will not be patching it.

Ryan Krigney's response on Reddit

The response, and acknowledgment on Twitter, certainly suggest that Respawn do not mind the presence of the bug in-game. It does not appear on their dedicated Apex Legends Trello board either, again suggesting it is here to stay.

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