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Respawn explain why Loba will be buffed in Apex Legends Season 6

Published: 16/Aug/2020 15:26 Updated: 16/Aug/2020 15:42

by Joe Craven


Respawn Entertainment Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein has confirmed that Loba’s falling popularity in Apex Legends means she will be buffed at the start of Season 6.

Season 6’s launch in Apex Legends is set to be the game’s most significant update for some time, introducing Rampart and a brand new Crafting system.

While the majority of the community’s attention has been on the major new mechanics, Respawn have now confirmed that a moderate buff will be in store for Loba, who was added with the start of Season 5.

Loba in Apex Legends, looking over her shoulder
Respawn Entertainment
Loba was added to Apex Legends as the new character for season five.

While popular at the beginning of Season 5, the High Society Thief’s popularity and viability declined somewhat over the course of the season.

Some have indeed called for a buff to Loba, and Respawn have now confirmed that she will be strengthened when Season 6 launches.

During a discussion about Rampart’s introduction into the world of Apex Legends, one fan asked what’s in store for Loba in Season 6. Daniel Klein, a game designer working at Respawn, responded to confirm her buff, and explained why she is set to receive it.

“Loba’s definitely weak,” he said. “She started the season off strong and fell to the weakest spot by the end; that seems to be the way most of our new legends behave. We’ve got a little bit of a buff coming for her in 6.0, but it’s not much.”

Daniel Klein's Reddit response about Loba
Klein’s full response.

“We’re somewhat limited technically by what we can do,” he finished. “For instance, if we wanted to let you take 3 or 4 items out of her ult, that would require UI work, so that’s not happening any time soon.”

While the buff does not sound like it will be a significant game-changer, it will still be welcome to Loba mains, many of whom have felt her relative strength dwindling.

Klein did not delve into the kind of buff she will be receiving, but we will bring you the exact details on all Season 6 changes when the patch notes are available.

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Apex Legends Rampart buff would make her unbeatable in early fights

Published: 30/Nov/2020 12:12

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has come up with an interesting buff concept for Rampart that would change her passive ability and immediately make her one of the best legends in the game.

When Rampart was first introduced at the start of Apex Legends Season 6, many fans raised eyebrows at her abilities – especially the mounted machine gun, Sheila, as it was something the game hadn’t seen before.

After her initial burst in popularity, the defensive legend has slowly slipped down the popularity standings. You’ll still see her in matches, of course, but she isn’t as well used as she previously was. 

That comes, in part, to the tweaks made to other leagues with the Season 7 update. Rampart wasn’t buffed as much as, say, Loba was and fans would like to see her given a boost – with some coming up with their own, interesting, concepts for a buff.

Apex Legends' rampart looking at rocket
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart’s arrival in Apex Legends was succesful right away, but she’s fallen away since.

The new idea of which comes from Reddit user Fetzenschaedl, who instead of changing of Ultimate or Tactical, instead focused on the character’s passive. 

In Fetzenschaedl’s idea for a buff, Rampart’s passive would go one of two ways. Firstly, she could extend her additional ammo carrying capacity to other types rather than just focusing on LMGs and Heavy ammo.

However, in the other part – and this is where it gets really interesting – the Redditor suggests that Rampart could be able to pick up a weapon that uses a hop-up, and have a hop-up attached right away. Say you drop in and pick up a Wingman right away, it would have either Skullpiercing Rounds or Quickdraw attachment right away. 

Just some ideas because her current passive is not that great from apexlegends

The latter might seem incredibly powerful, but in terms of Loba’s character, it does make sense. She is all about upgrading and modifying weapons, after all. 

Yet, it might be a little too powerful for Respawn’s liking, especially as it’d make Loba a supremely powerful early game character. So, we’ll just have to wait and see as to what changes they cook up themselves.