Respawn explain why frustrating Apex Legends collision bug still isn’t fixed

Matt Porter

Respawn Entertainment have explained why the fix for Apex Legends’ frustrating collision bug has yet to be released, almost two months after stating they had prepared it.

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Apex Legends had a relatively smooth launch, with very few glitches or bugs affecting the early portion of the game’s lifespan, helping it see massive growth in its infancy.

Since then, glitches have become more and more apparent in the game, including the collision issue that sees players land quicker than others after jumping as they get pushed down quicker by those falling behind them.

Respawn Entertainment
Players jumping out of the drop ship are encountering issues.[ad name=”article2″]

Why haven’t the player collision issues been fixed?

Apex Legends fans have been complaining about the collision bug for months, dating back all the way to March in their annoyance with the advantage some players get during the drop.

It seemed like Respawn Entertainment had solved the issue back in April, telling the game’s subreddit that the problem had been fixed on their side, and would be released in the next patch for the game, which turned out to be the v1.13 update.

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When the v1.13 update for Apex Legends dropped on Monday, May 20, it seemed certain that collision issues would be a thing of the past, but the patch notes made no mention of the glitch, much to the annoyance of fans.

With many questioning why the developers said the fix was coming only to omit it, a Respawn Entertainment developer called /u/glutinousriceball on Reddit confirmed that while the issue had been fixed, they had chosen to focus on certain things ahead of others.

“Sorry for the delay,” wrote the Respawn developer. “It is still fixed locally, but our recent patches have been made for very specific things only. I thought a more general patch would be made sooner, but I was wrong. All that being said, I’m flattered people are looking forward to this particular fix.”

While the good news is that the the issue is still fixed, there was no specific reason why it wasn’t included other than focus on other problems.

Respawn also failed to clarify when the fix would be included in a patch, so it’s possible that Apex Legends players may have to wait for a number of weeks to see the next update, and hope that this is included.