Respawn & EA “working very closely” to build Apex Legends Mobile esports

. 1 year ago
apex legends mobile esports
Respawn Entertainment

With the release of Apex Legends Mobile, EA and Respawn Entertainment are looking into the best ways of growing the esports side of the new port.

Competitive Apex Legends has been growing globally. EA has been liking the viewership that the battle royale has been pulling in, despite the complications that the scene has been going through in the global health situation.

As such, EA SVP and General Manager of Competitive Gaming, Todd Sitrin, told Esports Observer that there “absolutely” are plans to continue growing the competitive side of Apex.

But the gaming giant has plans for both the Apex Legends scene we already know and an emerging one that could revolve around Apex Mobile.

apex legends mobile

While Apex has an enormous global playerbase, Sitrin wants to capitalize on mobile esports’ potential as far as their battle royale is concerned.

“Our organization is a big believer in mobile esports,” Sitrin said. “We’ve been waiting for the right property and the right community that wants to embrace it. We think there are two big opportunities: one is around Apex Mobile and the other is around FIFA mobile.”

While the EA SVP admitted there’s more potential for mobile gaming in the Asia market, he has “Respawn and our team working very closely together. So obviously we’ve been in discussions around that for quite some time.”

This comes on the heels of Respawn adding in the 3v3 Arenas mode that emphasizes a tightly packed competitive experience.

apex legends arena
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends will have a lot more features that compliment it’s competitive nature like Arenas.

“We’re committed on Apex Legends to have much more consistent competitive programming and have been implementing player and fan feedback and adding new content such as Arenas mode,” he said.

Sitrin said that EA is “very bullish” on growing the Apex Legends esports scene considering how much success they had before global closures.

From the sound of it, fans of competitive Apex are going to be getting a lot more programming in the near future as the companies figure out new solutions for its esport as well as Apex Mobile.

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