Respawn devs have “got things cooking” for a new Apex Legends support character

Lifeline in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends developers have confirmed they’re working on a new support character for the battle royale’s roster following Mad Maggie’s release, with plans to bolster the “underserved playstyle” in a future update.

Right now, Apex Legends has two support characters ⁠— Loba and Lifeline ⁠— and only a single option for players who want to fulfill their “healer” fantasies in the Outlands.

It’s been a point of contention for battle royale’s fans for years, with support players in particular have felt aggrieved watching Respawn pump out assault characters. Since Loba’s release, Fuse, Horizon, Ash, and now Maggie have all been added to the attacking class.

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Respawn hears those complaints loud and clear.

Basically, the wait is nearly over ⁠— gameplay engineer Chris Winder has confirmed the Apex Legends devs have “got things cooking” for the game’s third support.

Apex Legends LobaRespawn Entertainment
Loba has been the only non-release support Legend added to the game.

The devs are “always looking towards what types of experiences that we’re not servicing,” Winder said in a media press conference this week. “We’ve released a number of aggressive characters so [we’re] thinking about servicing those other play styles less served by recent characters.”

That mainly includes support characters, the dev said.

“Support is definitely one [of those underserved classes],” Winder explained. “Obviously there’s not too many support characters in the game. So yeah, we may have some things cooking along those lines.”

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The Apex Legends development plan also includes “other kinds of character classes,” Respawn’s engineer added, that have been left by the wayside recently.

Apex Legends how to play LifelineRespawn Entertainment
Lifeline remains the game’s only healing legend despite debuting in early 2019.

It’s worth mentioning Winder’s latest tease doesn’t necessarily mean the very next Apex Legends character will slot into the support class. Respawn work on a development cycle 18 months out from the game’s live version, meaning we could still be waiting a while to see “Support 3” hit the roster.

The character is certainly on their way though, and Respawn has pledged to continue “looking for those open spaces” in their legend design to avoid lengthy waits like this again.

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Maggie will be the next Apex Legends character to hit live servers, and will make her Outlands debut February 8. Catch up on all her abilities and lore here.