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Respawn dev exposes Apex Legends player who claims they were wrongfully banned

Published: 23/Jul/2021 13:28

by James Busby


Apex Legends bans don’t come lightly, but one player left out one important detail when trying to appeal their ban. 

Like most competitive multiplayer games, Apex Legends is home to players that cheat, exploit, and even send offensive messages to their team. Depending on the severity of the situation, Respawn can choose to issue time-limited or permanent bans, the latter being reserved for the most serious cases. 

However, sometimes players try to appeal their ban and it is then up to the devs to decide whether it should be lifted. This wasn’t exactly the case for one Apex Legends player, who took to social media to voice their frustrations – only for a Respawn developer to call them out on their blatant lie. 


Apex ban called out by Respawn

Gibraltar shield
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn takes their account bans very seriously.

Bans can be issued for various reasons in Apex Legends. In fact, reports can be sent out for those that blatantly troll, verbally harass, and cheat. No one wants a toxic environment when playing online games, particularly when you’re just trying to have fun. 

As a result, Respawn is always keen to rid its popular BR title of any unsavory players. Of course, that doesn’t stop certain people from taking to social media to voice their displeasure at a recent ban. Posting on the official Apex Legends Reddit page, one player stated that their account was terminated for saying “our boy Gibby is gay”. 


The thread quickly garnered a lot of attention online, with many Apex Legends players quickly siding with how unfair the ban was. However, Respawns Director of Comms, Ryan K. Rigney, was quick to point out that the player had missed out one rather glaring detail. 

“That’s one of the messages I was shown,” said the developer. “You’re still leaving out another though that got a strike on your account on March 31st. Hint: it includes a word that starts with the letter N.”

While Respawn’s callout resulted in some rather hilarious comments and the deletion of the original thread, it just goes to show how tuned in they are to the ban process.