Respawn dev drops cryptic hint about Apex Legends TV show

Apex Legends Loba Fuse TV showRespawn Entertainment

Ryan Rigney, Director of Communications at Respawn Entertainment, has dropped a cryptic hint about the potential for an Apex Legends TV series.

Apex Legends’ popularity has perhaps even surpassed the most hopeful anticipations of EA and Respawn. The battle royale has been confirmed to have upwards of 100 million players, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Naturally, Respawn and EA are considering further business ventures to ensure Apex Legends’ longevity and financial viability. We have subsequently seen Apex launch on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the mobile version coming soon.

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Fuse Nintendo Switch Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The game dropped on Switch on March 9, 2021.

One potential avenue for Apex Legends to explore is TV or film. We have seen ultra-success for the likes of The Witcher on Netflix (admittedly a book adaptation rather than out-and-out video game adaptation), as well as Pedro Pascal’s The Last Of Us TV show coming to HBO soon.

Moving away from live action, there are number of animated shows coming to Netflix based on games, including League of Legends, Dota2, Cyberpunk and Resident Evil.

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Not much has been said about a TV adaptation of Apex Legends, but Ryan Rigney, Respawn’s Director of Communications, gave a cryptic hint during an AMA on Reddit.

Asked about a Netflix or Amazon Prime TV show, Ryan Rigney simply responded with the zipped mouth emoji, which many took to mean something is potentially in the works, but he is currently unable to disclose any more information.

Ryan Krigney Netflix response

One reason the game’s Legends are so interesting is the back story Respawn have already given to them. It’s a possibility that the existing backstories would be used as inspiration for any TV show, delving deeper into them as characters and fleshing out the relationships between them.

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Respawn have, in the past, stated that they’d love to make an animated series about Apex Legends. Exactly how that would look is unknown, but we’d be as excited as anyone to find out.

Later this year, an official Apex Legends comic series is releasing, called ‘Overtime’, which will have four editions.

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