Respawn to continue making new Apex Legends characters as long as it’s “healthy”

Andrew Amos
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Does Respawn have a character cap in mind for Apex Legends? There’s no arbitrary number, with the developers vowing to keep releasing new Legends as long as they are “healthy” for the game.

It’s always a concern with live-service games ⁠— just how much fresh content can players expect? New characters and maps keep things interesting, but there’s only so many niches you can cover.

As far as characters go, Apex Legends doesn’t have an extensive roster compared to other games. There’s 22 of them as of Season 14, and plenty more leaked for the years to come.

Beyond what we know so far though, how many more characters will Respawn add to the battle royale? What’s the golden number when the Apex Legends developers will stop releasing new Legends?

Respawn isn’t setting an arbitrary Legend cap for their battle royale where they’ll reach that number and stop development. However, they will start slowing down on new characters once they start intruding on pre-existing niches.

Vantage in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
There’s still plenty of new Legend concepts for Respawn to explore in Apex Legends, and capping the number of characters they intend on releasing would only hamper development.

“We want to release Legends that have ownable playspaces and bring value to the squad,” developer Devan McGuire said in a Reddit AMA. “As the roster grows, this task gets harder.

“We also want to ensure that we’re not just bringing new powerful Legends to Apex but that older Legends still have a viable place in the landscape. It’s important that we take the time to do this for the health and future of the game.”

This is a similar philosophy Respawn used for weapon additions in Apex Legends. There hasn’t been a new gun since Season 11’s addition of the C.A.R. SMG ⁠— excluding the Throwing Knife in the Gun Run LTM. The reason? There’s no place for a new gun in the game right now.

Players don’t need to worry about content drying up in the battle royale any time soon if that’s the case. Given plenty of player calls for more support Legends and plenty of other niches to fill, there’s still plenty of life left in Apex Legends and the characters joining the Apex Games.