Apex Legends

Respawn changes Apex Legends' map rotation after player backlash

by Andrew Amos


Respawn have pushed a major change to Apex Legends’ permanent map rotation, removing the Night Kings Canyon map, and shortening how long regular Kings Canyon is available.

Apex Legends’ map rotation has been divisive. For some, having more choice has made the game better, as they can choose to ignore aspects they don’t like. However, it’s had an impact on queue times, and has also slowed down some players' Old Ways event grind.

Respawn have been keeping their eye on the map rotation as a result, and has made sweeping changes just a week after its initial release.


“After taking in all your feedback over the past 7 days, we've decided to make some changes to map rotation,” the team said on Twitter.

Those changes include removing the night version of Kings Canyon from the map rotation permanently, and shortening how long regular Kings Canyon is available. As a result, players will launch onto World’s Edge more often.

The map rotation only affects casual play, and will not have an impact on ranked. “Kings Canyon is still available in Ranked if you’re wanting to jump in immediately,” Respawn added.


Since the start of the Old Ways event on April 7, players have had a choice of queuing up for duos and trios, either on Worlds Edge or King’s Canyon.

However, Respawn have wanted to add a bit more focus onto the new event though, trying to give players a chance to further explore the Bloodhound Town Takeover on World’s Edge, and grind for more battle pass rewards on Apex’s second map.

“We’re hoping this will allow players the chance to keep grinding that Season 4 Battle Pass or try their skills at the new Bloodhound Town Takeover,” Respawn added.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn wants players to explore Bloodhound's Town Takeover on World's Edge more.


As more data comes in, there might be more changes on the way, so don’t expect for this to be the last you hear of map rotations in Apex Legends.

The Old Ways event runs until April 21, so you only have a few days left to get grinding to pick up some of those sweet rewards.