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Respawn buffs Triple Take in Apex Legends after forgetting key Season 11 change

Published: 17/Nov/2021 5:22 Updated: 17/Nov/2021 5:48

by Andrew Amos


Apex Legends’ Triple Take is being buffed ⁠⁠— only in Arenas however ⁠— after the developers forgot a key Season 11 change after the Energy Marksman Rifle came out of care packages and back into ground loot.

The Triple Take underwent a number of changes in Apex Legends Season 11 to mark its return to ground loot for the first time since Season 8.

No longer a Sniper, the Triple Take now takes Energy ammo (again), as well as certain attachments for marksman rifles.

However, in shipping the changes to Apex Legends, it appears the developers missed one key detail: how the gun functions in Arenas. While dominant in the battle royale, forcing an early nerf, it didn’t have the same punch in Arenas due to its lack of ammo.


Pathfinder using Triple Take in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Triple Take is getting buffed (yes, buffed) in Apex Legends — but only for Arenas.

In a November 16 update, Respawn patched it up.

“We’ve just pushed out an Apex playlist update to increase the Triple Take ammo in Arenas from 48 to 144,” the developers said.

The reasoning behind the buff was simple: Respawn simply forgot about Triple Take’s ammo consumption changes after reverting it back to an Energy Marksman Rifle.

“We never tripled the ammo reserve after tripling the ammo consumption, so this resolves that.”

The changes are similar, in essence, to the recent ammo count buff to the G7 Scout in battle royale after the Light Marksman Rifle’s care package swap.

However, to players fearing the Triple Take is getting further buffs in Apex Legends ⁠— nothing is on the cards for now. If you’re on that ranked arenas grind though, the change will be welcomed.