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Rarely used Apex Legends tech is a perfect workaround for Rampage charges

Published: 31/Dec/2021 0:28

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players have found a workaround that’s perfect for charging the Rampage LMG by using a rarely used technique that’s long been in the game.

People can ‘rev up’ the Rampage by expending a Thermite grenade. This takes the already-popular gun to another level but the charging process can be a bit finicky.

Though the Rampage doesn’t take too long to charge, players can get quite annoyed when the process gets accidentally canceled for any minor movement. To rid themselves of the nuisance, some Apex fans are thinking of trying out a simple method to apply the buff.


“You can charge a Rampage while hanging on a ledge apparently,” one user found.

You can charge a rampage while hanging on a ledge apparently from apexuniversity

Though not a common thing to see in the fast-paced battle royale, Apex Legends players can actually stay put while grabbing the top of a wall.

It’s in this state that players found that they could activate the Rampage’s charge, even though they aren’t technically wielding the gun.

“Oh that’s good because you cant f**king charge it in other cases,” another person said in response to the clip.

As Respawn contend with the bigger bugs that impact the Rampage, this is one that players wouldn’t mind staying for a bit longer.


apex legends revenant
Respawn Entertainment
Hanging on ledges even has its use in Apex Legends.

How to hang on a ledge in Apex Legends

It’s just not normal to see Apex Legends players hanging for any extended amount of time so it makes sense if some people need a refresher on how to do it.

To hang off a ledge in Apex Legends, simply climb up a wall to its highest point. Just before going over the top, let go of your forward input to start hanging.

It’s a technique that’s rarely seen in the battle royale but, like most movement tricks, Apex Legends players even found a handy way to make it somewhat useful.