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Rampart Amped Cover bug is making Apex Legends crash

Published: 18/Aug/2020 21:18

by Alan Bernal


A Season6 bug with Rampart’s tactical ability ‘Amped Cover’ is reportedly causing some Apex Legends players’ game to crash when doubling up on the walls in the same spot.

With the new Season 6 update, the Apex community are getting creative in order to stress test the latest Legend, Rampart, and all of the lethal gadgets she’s bringing to World’s Edge. This includes strategies or set-ups that might not seem viable, but are attempted in the Arena all the same.

As people discover the best ways to work with her ability kit, there have been some combinations that apparently don’t play too well with Respawn’s program.


This has caused issues for players like user ‘aya-moon’ who encountered a strange interaction that makes Apex literally unplayable since it creates a “problem processing game logic.”

Respawn Entertainment
Rampart’s Amped Cover tactical has been found to cause some crashes.

“When two Rampart [Amped Covers] are placed and shot through, the player disconnects,” they said. “[It] happened in a real game and tested it out in Firing Range.”

Sure enough, in their uploaded clip, aya-moon reconstructs the situation with one Amped Cover directly behind another. To have a control in this experiment, they placed a single tactical right next to them and shot right through it.

As expected, Rampart’s wall worked as it was meant to with a single wall up, but that wasn’t the case for the next shot fired just a couple of feet apart from the first one.


Rampart bug: When 2 rampart tactics are placed and shot through, the player dc’s. Happened in a real game and tested it out in firing range. from apexlegends

Almost instantaneously, the P2020 round that was supposed to pierce both walls made the game stall, eventually crashing the player out of the practice tool. The game returned a message saying: “There was a problem processing game logic. Please try again.”

In recreating the experiment on PC, many people saw that only the first wall remains intact while the other ones get destroyed. Players kept seeing experience the same issue over again, although some maintained that the walls in general use could also cause a crash.

It’s unclear what could be causing these problems, but if Rampart keeps crashing Apex Legends for some people, Respawn could start investigating it in the coming days.