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Apex Legends pro PVPX wins intense duel with high IQ grenade play

Published: 27/Nov/2019 0:28

by Andrew Amos


Cloud9 Apex Legends player Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore hit an incredible high IQ grenade to win an intense one-on-one duel against a Pathfinder, who will surely be licking their wounds.

Apex Legends quick play games are host to all sorts of shenanigans. From wacky strategies to gentlemen’s agreements, almost anything flies in the lawless world.

However, as Cloud 9 Apex Legends player PVPX found himself on the losing end of a duel, he enacted a high IQ grenade play to ensure at the end of the day, he got the win in this intense battle.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
PVPX pulled out a nifty grenade trick to win out in this 1v1.

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PVPX, his partner Calamiti, and a rogue Pathfinder ended up being the final three players in the game. Instead of wiping each other out on first site, the trio decided to have a bit of fun, doing a series of 1v1 duels. 


Playing Wraith, the pro player set up his portal in the middle of the circle, with all players trying to avoid getting dragged out through the portal. As the end of the game neared though, someone had to be crowned the Champion, so PVPX and the rogue Pathfinder decided to duke it out once and for all. 

The Cloud9 player was toying around with the enemy, but ultimately ended up losing the final duel. However, there was one thing keeping him in the game — his gold knockdown shield, and a grenade.

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Before he was downed, he sneakily threw the grenade in the air straight up, meaning that it would fall and hit the duelists right on their head. He then held up his knockdown shield, waiting for the grenade to drop onto the enemy Pathfinder.


The nade landed on top of the robot, blowing him away and netting PVPX and his partner the win. While he was laughing about the unfortunate death of his enemy, he also felt bad that his sparring partner lost in that fashion.

“No dude,” he said. “I wanted him to win! Damnit, that was hilarious, what a good way to end.”

Respawn EntertainmentThe Pathfinder would be feeling pretty cut after losing the duel like that.

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Calamiti chimed in from the sidelines, feeling sympathetic for the Pathfinder who just spent the last 10 minutes getting bullied around. “That guy was so happy that he finally killed us, and then he gets naded,” he said.


While it’s unlikely to work in big open spaces, there was nowhere for the Pathfinder to go to dodge the grenade. He would either die to the zone trying to run away, or have to take the full brunt of its damage, making it a quick thinking 200 IQ play.

While some could argue that PVPX broke the gentlemen’s agreement of a proper fisty-cuffs duel, at least he didn’t win it by shooting the enemy down.