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Puzzling Apex Legends glitch teleports Revenant across World’s Edge

Published: 16/Mar/2020 2:41

by Brad Norton


A confusing Apex Legends glitch is teleporting Revenant players across the entire map due to an awkward interaction with the Death Totem ability and moving trains.

The latest addition to Respawn’s battle royale roster, Revenant is a sneaky Legend that can momentarily escape death thanks to his Death Totem Ultimate.

Rather than teleporting back to the location of the ability, however, players have been sent to completely random areas due to a confusing bug.

Respawn Entertainment
Revenant’s Death Totem should teleport players back to its point of origin.

Closing in on the final moments of a tense match, Twitch streamer ‘Fraelyne’ was among the final 22 players in the lobby. Hiding inside the train before it took off once again, the streamer set their Death Totem, entered Death Protection, and looked around outside for a few eliminations.

Heading onto the roof of the locomotive, they lost a gunfight, before fading away and being sent back. While they had obviously expected to appear back inside the now-moving train, the streamer was sent to a completely different place entirely.

“What the…umm,” the streamer said in complete shock as they almost walked off the map and into the lava below. “Where did you go?” a teammate asked.

Without explanation, they were teleported away from their squad and left to fend for themselves. Trying to comprehend the situation, a teammate suggested that the moving train is what led to the shocking displacement.

“I think what happened is they killed you, and you went back to your teleport thing, but because the train was moving forward it slingshotted you,” they said.

Able to utilize a nearby balloon and float back towards their team in no time, the streamer fortunately wasn’t separated for all too long. 

Respawn Entertainment
Revenant might want to avoid trains moving forward.

This isn’t the first time Revenant’s ultimate has led to teleportation glitches either — others have been reporting similar issues since the character was released.

Players should look to avoid using the Death Totem on any moving surface until the issue is patched out, unless they really want to be sent to an entirely new part of World’s Edge, and potentially have to fight their way back to their team.

Apex Legends

All confirmed buffs coming in Apex Legends Season 7

Published: 24/Oct/2020 11:12

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends Season 7 is almost here, and that means changes to characters. So, we’ve rounded up all the buffs that Respawn have confirmed so far.

With each new Apex Legends season, players are always looking forward to getting their hands on a new Legend as well as seeing what’s been changed to existing Legends, weapons, and items.

As Season 7 is on the horizon, Respawn have begun to roll out their teasers – with a familiar-looking UFO turning up on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Aside from that, the devs have also been planting seeds about what buffs and nerfs are coming in the new season. So, we’ve rounded up the buffs that we know about so far.


As one of Apex’s most popular characters, players have been desperate for Respawn to give Mirage a power increase, even after his abilities rework.

Those changes have always been on the horizon, as devs have answered numerous questions with positives answers about buffs, and those promises will finally come to fruition with the start of Season 7.

Daniel Klein, a game designer for Respawn, confirmed that they’ve been testing changes to his Life of the Party ult, so that could be the main change that the Holographic Trickster receives next season.

mirage in apex legends
Mirage is finally set to receive some changes.


Octane is also confirmed to be getting some positive treatment, but Respawn say it will only be a “tiny buff,” so no indication exactly what it will be yet. 


As for Rampart, while a buff has been confirmed, there haven’t been any hints as to what it could entail. Since her introduction, players have made a number of suggestions – including being able to move around while firing her minigun. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see on that front. 

Octane in Apex Legends
Octane will receive a “tiny buff” in Season 7.


Pathfinder will also be receiving a change to the cooldown on his grapple ability. However, the last time this was labeled a buff, it actually turned out to be a nerf


Not a buff as such, but Respawn have also confirmed that lots of progress has been made on audio problems, which have been plaguing the game for months, and these fixes will be coming in Season 7.

As for what else is coming in Season 7, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know here. We’ll just have to wait until November 4, when the new season starts, to see it all in action.