Powerful Apex Legends Kraber trick makes it a one-shot kill again after nerf

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A simple Apex Legends trick allows players to one-shot enemies with the Kraber despite the nerfs to the sniper in Season 13.

Out of all the weapons in Apex Legends, there’s one that’s garnered more controversy than any other on the arsenal and that’s the Kraber.

This heavy-duty sniper that can only be obtained through care packages was the only gun capable of one-shotting an opponent with full health and armor in the Outlands.

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That was until the Season 13 update when Respawn decided to significantly reduce the Kraber’s headshot multiplier, removing the ability to one-shot anyone with purple armor or above.

Well, a powerful trick has been discovered that completely reverts the nerf, but you’ll need to be playing the Amped Modder, Rampart.

Kraber Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Kraber can only be obtained through care packages.

Simple technique makes the Kraber one-shot again

While some players praised Respawn for removing the one-shot power of the Kraber, others miss the highlight-reel plays that were possible back in Season 12.

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Well, if you miss taking down opponents from long-range with the devastating sniper, Apex YouTuber RossBobSquirrel has a simple solution to revert the damage nerfs.

By playing Rampart, you have access to the Amped Modder’s Tactical which allows her to place down a shield wall. When firing bullets through these walls, all shots have a 20% damage boost.

So, if you place down a wall before firing your Kraber at an enemy, you’ll be able to one-shot them once again no matter what shields they’re using.

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While this technique does require you to play a specific Legend, it may be worth picking up Rampart if you enjoy sniping enemies and taking out opponents from afar.

With the buffs that she received in Season 13, she’s a strong pick in the right players’ hands and her Ultimate Shiela can wipe out an entire squad in seconds.

Either way, next time you’re playing Rampart and get your hands on Kraber, head to high ground and test out this powerful trick.

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