Post Malone wants to play Apex Legends with xQc and Trainwreck: “Spread the word”

Post malone looking at xqc and trainwreckYouTube: Full Send Podcast / Twitch: xQc / Twitch: Trainwreckstv / Respawn Entertainment

On his recent Twitch stream popular rapper Post Malone expressed genuine interest in collaborating and playing Apex Legends with streamers Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam, urging others to “spread the word”.

Post Malone’s love of Apex Legends is well-known, with the star musician often hopping on Twitch to stream a game or two.

He recently started a collaboration with Respawn Entertainment by streaming Apex Legends for his event, Gaming for Love. All the proceeds from this series of Twitch Livestreams go towards charity, with Respawn fronting a $10,000 donation for each charity.

During his first live stream of the charity event though, Post Malone said he wants to get more stars onboard, and who better to target on Twitch than xQc and Trainwreck?

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“We gotta get xQc in the private lobby,” he said during his first charity stream.

As he contemplates the idea of a collab, the tryhard gamer in Post Malone begins to show. “Is xQc any good? I wonder.”

The rapper continues to ponder the idea, growing rather fond of the idea of collaboration. “I’m tryna get Trainwrecks in here too. Just spread the f**ckin’ word.”

Post Malone’s Gaming for Love live stream event isn’t a one day thing — the star is streaming for a whole week so there’s still time to get a trio going with the two Twitch stars in this event.

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If Post Malone successfully brings xQc and Trainwreck on his charity stream, it’d make for some rather entertaining and charitable content. However, it probably won’t just be limited to this one occurrence — Post will be back.

If you want to tune into the rapper’s Gaming for Love streams, check out the exact times in our hub here.