Police enter Twitch streamer’s home after “screaming for help” in Apex Legends

Twitch streamer confronted by cops during apex legends broadcastRespawn/Pixabay

A Twitch streamer’s cries for help from his Apex Legends teammates resulted in police literally showing up at his home in what was one of the wildest clips of the year already.

Communication in video games is key and cooperation with your teammates is crucial to success. Calling out enemy positions and forming strategies are part of the game for anyone looking for a competitive edge.

Sometimes, however, players can be a bit too loud and as it turns out, there can be some serious repercussions.

During a heated Apex Legends game, streamer Vuzby, called for help from his teammates, and while they didn’t come running, local police in Canada heard his cries and came to see what the matter was.

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Police crash streamer’s Apex Legends broadcast

Seemingly out of nowhere during Vuzby’s stream, a couple of police officers appeared behind him, completely catching the focused streamer off-guard.

“Are you streaming right now?” an officer asked. “Did you scream ‘help’ at some point?”

Vuzby explained to the cop what happened and that he cried out “for content” – something that got a chuckle out of the officer.

“You guys scared the sh*t out of me. Holy hell,” the streamer said.

The police officer then revealed he heard the streamer cry for help and that someone heard him from outside. Before leaving, however, they wished the streamer good luck and that he would get lots of views on his channel.

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As for how the cops found their way into his room so suddenly, Vuzby explained on Twitter that they knocked on the window at first and then the door where his girlfriend let the police inside.

Luckily for the Twitch streamer, no damage was done and the cops were “chill.” Still, Vuzby may want to consider being a bit quieter in the future, especially if he’s going to be yelling for help a lot in-game.