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Perfect Apex Legends buff would make Revenant even deadlier

Published: 23/Mar/2020 10:51

by Andy Williams


Since Revenant’s explosive entrance in Season 4, the Synthetic Nightmare has been a somewhat underwhelming Legend in the Apex Games – but this buff could help him compete against the likes of Wraith and Pathfinder in no time.

Revenant made a dramatic entrance into the Apex Games, after assassinating Forge during an interview with Outlands Television host Lisa Stone.

After taking down Forge, the deadly simulacrum showcased a variety of abilities during the Assimilation cinematic trailer — hyping fans up for his debut in Season 4.

Revenant in Apex Legends
Revenant’s cinematic trailer hyped him up to be one of the most versatile Legends to-date.

However, fans were left disappointed when they finally got their hands on Revenant, due to his lacklustre ability set — which pales in comparison to some of the better ranked Legends.

Although, one Apex Legends player has drafted the ultimate Revenant buff which could allow the Synthetic Nightmare to compete with the likes of Wraith and Pathfinder.

The Reddit user has bumped the simulacrum’s Passive, Tactical and Ultimate ability while also swapping out one of their Passive perks.

After reading the feedback I got from my last post, I present to you some buffs for Revenant (Revised) from apexlegends

By swapping out Low Profile for Fortified, incoming bullet damage would be reduced 15%, while also not slowing Revenant down — a perk both Caustic and Gibraltar share.

Moreover, Dicephalon also recommended that the simulacrum’s ‘Death Totem’ Ultimate should be buffed significantly. Arguably the most important aspect of the buff, however, is the ability to spawn with 30 health points (as opposed to the current 1 HP granted).

This would counter the current Caustic meta, where the Toxic Trapper can place a Nox Gas Trap by the Death Totem to trigger when players respawn, killing any player that returns to the totem.

While the post received plenty of upvotes from the community, the ability to negate enemy pings (as part of Revenant’s Tactical buff) is something that wasn’t met with open arms.


Given that one of Apex Legends’ most attractive features is its non-verbal communication system, the ability to nullify that with the use of a Legend would be overpowered. And, as another Reddit user commented, would put players with microphones at a severe advantage.

That aside, Dicephalon’s Revenant buff concept would be a well-balanced adjustment and would give the Synthetic Nightmare a nudge in the right direction.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends player finds bug that makes Lifeline’s drones unbreakable

Published: 1/Dec/2020 1:00 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 1:35

by Bill Cooney


An Apex Legends player discovered a new bug the hard way when Lifeline’s Drone acted indestructible when they tried to shoot through it to get to an enemy, failing miserably.

Lifeline has been in Apex since day 1, and has been a go-to legend ever since primarily for her powerful healing abilities. Even though we’ve had well over a year to learn her kit, some bugs are still popping up.

We all know the futility of trying to attack a Lifeline’s shield while she rezzes a teammate, but it’s also worth noting that a new bug is turning her healing drone invulnerable, making it impossible to destory.

Respawn Entertainment
Name a better Apex Legends duo, we’ll wait.

That’s right, while it may be small, with the bug it sure is mighty, though to be fair you don’t often see the Drone being used as cover, because so far it’s been destructible.

So, the clip below can really teach us two lessons here: think twice before shooting through the drone, and that Lifelines should think about crouching behind it whenever possible, because you never know, right?

In the shot, Reddit user TheChapelOfWhite comes upon the unsuspecting healer and seems to be well on their way to an easy kill. That is until they empty a full clip into the drone, which does nothing but alert the other player and their squad.

After that, ChapelOfWhite is unceremoniously cut down by Lifeline’s teammates who appear almost instantly to protect their support.

It turns out Lifeline drones are indestructible, I had no idea. from apexuniversity

It’s an embarrassing way to go out, that’s for sure, but instead of tossing their controller out the window and swearing off Apex for a few days as some would have done, they instead took to Reddit to post the clip of the apparent glitch.

With so many new legends added in between release and where we are now, it’s kind of crazy that this hasn’t happened, or at least been shared before. Lifeline is one of the most popular legends to play as well, so it is a bit wild we’re just now seeing this bug.