Perfect Apex Legends buff would make Mirage’s decoys more effective

Connor Bennett
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has come up with a clever way to make Mirage’s Decoy ability slightly more effective by allowing the bamboozling legend to send out more than one holographic duplicate.

With Apex approaching its one year anniversary of launching, Respawn Entertainment recently dropped the Grand Soiree Event, adding some new content in the form of multiple limited-time modes.

While plenty of players have been diving into these modes, with some like Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek even making his long-awaited return, others have still been hard at work trying to put forward their ideas to change the game on a bigger scale – airing their ideas for changes to game’s roster of characters.

An image of Mirage from Apex Legends surrounded in fireworks.
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage is one of Apex Legends’ popular characters but could do with a few changes.

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We’ve seen new ideas for Caustic and Lifeline, as well as a possible revamp for the revive system, but the newest clever concept revolves around Mirage – specifically, his current decoy tactical.

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, Reddit user Lucas_Cant_Take_It suggested that the legend should “be able to create a couple of decoys at once” as it would be “a lot harder to figure out which one is the real one if there are four mirages running around.” 

As it stands, the character’s ‘Psyche Out’ ability allows him to summon a hologram duplicate that runs in a straight line towards where the actual player was targeted from. That has its own positives – mainly being able to get a better feel for where the enemies are – but players agreed withe the Redditor’s take on things.

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“Let’s be honest. We all think this,” replied Rifleboy18, before other commenters chimed in with their own simple buffs for legends like Wattson.

However, another commenter, Piter_neo_PL, took things one step further by revamping the character’s ability set to revolve around better decoys. For example, the legend’s passive ability could be changed so that you are able to create a decoy while reviving a teammate – potentially causing confusion to other players.

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Of course, Respawn will likely have their own ideas for what needs adding in the form of buffs and nerfs for characters – especially with Season 4 right around the corner.

Whether or not Mirage will be reworked in the same vein as the Redditor’s ideas remains to be seen, but it certainly seems to be popular with some fans.