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Patient Pathfinder player clutches Apex Legends round with zipline tricks

Published: 27/Feb/2020 2:03

by Bill Cooney


One Apex Legends player didn’t let the pressure get the best of them when they found themselves all alone at the end of the match as Pathfinder.

Taking the W in a round of Apex Legends can be tough enough with a full team, but Reddit user bbyrne managed to pull it off thanks to a very smooth use of the robot warrior’s grapple cable.

Pathfinder’s grapple allows him to reach places other characters might not be able to, but you don’t usually see it used quite in the way bbyrne did.

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Pathfinder’s grapple ability is just one of the reasons he’s consistently picked in Apex.

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As the final circle forms, bbyrne positions themselves high up on a rock in a place that probably only Pathfinder is able to reach.


They put the grapple line out to basically be parallel to the ground and even though an enemy player sees them, they soon get distracted with the other players down below.

Once all of the enemies down below are sufficiently distracted by one another, Path gets on the zipline and just hangs out there, changing their direction by jumping and just cruising back and forth.

When you’re solo agains 2 squads and you just polished your grapple from apexlegends

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The strategy even seems immune to Gibraltar’s ultimate ability, which doesn’t manage to hit Pathfinder in the air at all.

After the bombardment is over, the Pathfinder player drops off their line and moves in to finish off the last remaining player.


Even though the Pathfinder grapple strategy is interesting in the end, the match comes down to a good old fashioned gunfight.

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The grapple strat won’t get you all the way to a win, but it does look cool.

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So while this strategy might look very slick, players will still have to rely on their Apex gunplay skills to truely make it work.