“Pathetic” Apex Legends hacker accidentally killed teammate and got wrecked

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An Apex Legends hacker did everything they could to win. However, even with them using an aimbot and teaming with someone in the game, they still couldn’t win.

Some players are bent on winning games no matter what it takes. From having their friends snipe their game and try to team with them to utilizing cheat software, a game like Apex Legends is no stranger to those trying to earn some ill-gotten wins.

Hackers are still running around in Apex Legends Season 15, with some hackers just being blatant about it. The aptly named ‘apexhackerguy’ pulled out all the stops to try and win a game of Apex Legends.

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It’s almost impressive, then, that they found a way to lose. Even when using every ban-worthy trick in the book, they couldn’t find a path to victory.

Apex Legends hacker can’t even win while cheating

There are some cheaters who try to hide the fact that they’re not playing fair. Hacks can be hidden to some extent, with players who use wallhacks and things of the like able to somewhat disguise their antics.

But, when someone named ‘apexhackerguy’ is using a Charge Rifle with 100% headshot accuracy and running alongside an enemy player without even trying to shoot at them, there are certainly some red flags.

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Even with all these things working in their favor, this hacker wasn’t able to win the match.

In a clip that original poster atessellation could only call “pathetic”, a Lifeline player was shown to be cheating at Apex Legends and losing the game.

This cheater accidentally killed the person they were teaming with. The Catalyst player was clearly on the hacker’s side, but they walked a little too close to the line of fire. She got locked onto with the Lifeline’s aimbot and was immediately shredded.

Things would end in disaster for the hacker, and they wound up getting shot from so many angles that they died despite blatantly cheating and giving themself an advantage over the competition.

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Hackers are frustrating to go against, but there’s usually a reason they need cheats to do well in Apex Legends.