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OP Apex Legends trick gives Fuse players wallhacks in huge area

Published: 10/Jan/2022 14:00

by James Busby


A new Fuse ultimate trick is giving the Explosive Enthusiast free wallhacks, enabling Apex Legends players to instantly reveal enemies in a vast area. 

While Fuse’s ultimate has always revealed nearby enemy units in Apex Legends, a new trick is giving the explosive-loving character even more intel on enemy locations. Having good vision of your foes in Respawn’s battle royale title has always been incredibly important. 

Not only does it enable you to get the drop on unsuspecting enemies, but it can also save you from any pesky flanks or third parties. In fact, knowing exactly where your opponents are can lead to many decisive victories. 


This makes Fuse’s new ultimate trick incredibly valuable, especially for those that wish to increase their kill potential in Season 11. Whether you’re a Fuse main or not, you’ll want to be aware of this game-changing strategy. 

Apex Legends Fuse trick gives him OP wallhacks

Fuse walking away from an explosion in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
This new Fuse trick could reward you with a bounty of kills.

From speed boost glitches that give players infinite slides to exploits that make Wraith impossible to fight, Apex Legends players are always finding new ways to increase their lethality on the battlefield.

However, the latest trick that is gaining a lot of attention on social media involves Fuse – the game’s explosive specialist. Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, recently uploaded a video that detailed how Fuse can heighten the enemy reveal distance of his ultimate. 


In order to gain free wallhacks in Apex Legends, Fuse must first fire a Frag Grenade directly above him. After the grenade has been launched, Skeptation then unleashes Fuse’s ultimate directly underneath the explosive. 

This method greatly enhances the radius of Fuse’s ultimate, enabling players to reveal enemies in a much larger area. While the fiery ability may not hit any enemies, it is extremely effective at uncovering opponent locations. 

The credit for finding this trick actually goes to Apex YouTuber shomaru 7, who posted an example of it in a match.

Once the players are tagged, you can then notify your squad and make plays according to this information. Whether Respawn will nerf this trick remains to be seen, but for now, Fuse mains will have a huge advantage when it comes to spotting potential threats.