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OP Apex Legends exploit lets you heal & revive in portals without taking damage

Published: 7/Mar/2022 16:36

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered an unusual, and complicated, glitch that allows them to heal while reviving teammates or inside of a portal. 

Ever since Apex Legends first released players have been finding creative ways to get a leg up on their competition – even if some of their tricks have landed them with bans.

Most of the advantages players gain from exploits and glitches usually revolve around doing something faster – be it moving quicker, being able to reload your gun in the blink of an eye, or getting an immediate recharge for an ultimate.

However, not everything has to be about speed to be an advantage, as players have uncovered a way to heal in situations where you absolutely shouldn’t be able to.


Rampage being held in Apex Legends
There have been a number of exploits in Apex recently, especially with weapons.

The glitch was first highlighted by Apex Legends YouTuber ICEE Ops, who noted that while it was pretty complicated, it could be done on any of the battle royale’s maps.

While we won’t give you exact steps to replicating it, the glitch involves using two weapons that share an attachment, as well as jumping up and hanging onto a ledge, and interacting with something.

If done correctly, players are able to heal themselves while reviving a downed teammate, and can also heal inside portals. While the glitch takes a while to set up, it is a pretty decent advantage to those using it.


As of writing, the glitch hasn’t been flagged on Respawn’s public Trello board, so it’s unknown if they’re aware of the issue just yet. And, as Apex Legends YouTuber RossBobSquirrel notes, players who use it could very well be banned soon after.

If Respawn does become aware of the problem, don’t be shocked to see it patched pretty quickly.