OG Apex Legends skins returning soon according to leaks: Crypto, Wraith, Pathfinder

Nomad Overseer Crypto ApexRespawn Entertainment

A reliable Apex Legends leaker has revealed a variety of OG skins that are set to return in the weeks leading up to the release of Season 14.

Whether it’s a seasonal patch, Collection Event, or store update, Respawn is constantly adding new and unique cosmetics for each of the characters on the Apex Legends roster.

Over time, a select number of these fan-favorite skins are considered OG or classic, as they’re no longer obtainable in-game.

This makes them extremely sought-after and as a result, Respawn occasionally brings these skins back in limited-time store sales.

Well, based on a set of recent leaks, it looks like a variety of OG skins will be appearing in the store in the weeks leading up to Season 14.

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Pathfinder Edition Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
These OG skins are only available for a limited amount of time, so make sure you note down the dates on your calendar.

All leaked OG Apex Legends skins returning in Season 13

Thanks to reliable dataminer and YouTuber HYPERMYST, we now know a range of OG skins are returning to the store on multiple dates in the lead-up to Season 14.

Keep in mind, all of these skins will be featured in the store for a limited amount of time and some of them will only be available to purchase in bundles. You can check out the full list of returning skins and when you can pick them up below:

  • Nomad Overseer (July 19)
  • Torrent Loba (July 19)
  • Loba Edition (July 19)
  • Bones Bundle Rampart (July 26)
  • Deputy of Death Caustic (July 26)
  • Mechameleon Pathfinder (July 26)
  • Dress to Impress Bangalore (August 2)
  • Pathfinder Edition (August 9)
  • Real Steel Fuse (August 9)
  • Sea Streak Octane (August 9)
  • Void Prowler Wraith (August 9)

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the skins listed above, make sure to check out HYPERMYST’s video below so you can decide which cosmetics to unlock.

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Respawn doesn’t release OG skins very often so players sometimes have to wait huge amounts of time for a specific skin to return. As a result, it’s important to take the opportunity while it lasts if you see a cosmetic you like.

On top of this, a lot of these sought-after skins receive recolors from Respawn that can be unlocked using Legend tokens, so it’s never a bad idea to pick up one of these fan-favorite cosmetics.