OG Apex Legends skins returning in Season 10 according to leaks

Apex Legends OG skinsRespawn Entertainment

A reliable Apex Legends leaker has revealed a variety of OG skins that are set to return in Season 10, including some that haven’t been available to buy for over a year.

Apex Legends Season 10 is well underway and players are enjoying all of the fresh content that arrived in the major update. Whether it’s the new Legend Seer, the Worlds Edge map changes, or the lethal Rampage LMG, Respawn certainly didn’t hold back with Emergence.

However, no matter how much Apex’s gameplay changes, skins & cosmetics will often be the content that grabs the community’s attention.

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This is especially true when it comes to OG skins that have been vaulted for a long period of time and are finally becoming available again.

Well, thanks to a well-known leaker, we now know that devs have plans to bring back a set of fan-favorite skins that haven’t been in the store for a very long time.

Apex Legends OG skinsRespawn Entertainment
Collection Event skins are often only available for a short period of time, making them incredibly sought-after.

All leaked OG skins returning in Apex Legends Season 10

There’s nothing better than picking up a classic Apex cosmetic that hasn’t been available for over a year, especially when it’s for your main Legend.

Luckily, in Season 10, you may be able to do exactly that as reliable leaker Shrugtal has showcased a set of OG skins that should become available to purchase at some point during Emergence.

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Keep in mind these are leaks so Respawn could decide to change their mind and it’s likely these skins will become available at different times during the Season.

Caustic – Necrosis

According to Shrugtal, this incredible Caustic skin should become available to players in the next patch and is the perfect cosmetic for anyone that mains the Toxic Trapper.

Originally released in the System Override event back in 2020, it’s one of the most visually impressive Caustic skins you can buy.

Crypto – Whitelisted

Another skin from the System Override event, Whitelisted Crypto provides players with a robotic version of the Surveillance Expert.

Bloodhound – The Centurion (Iron Crown)

If you’ve been playing since Season 2 you’ll recognize The Centurion Bloodhound skin that was originally released during the Iron Crown event.

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Wraith – Flashpoint

While this cosmetic will require the Vengeance Seeker skin to buy, Flashpoint will be available to purchase again at some point in Season 10.

Mirage – Dark Artist

An OG cosmetic for all the tricksters out there, Dark Artist Mirage will be returning during Emergence, but you’ll need the Ghost Machine skin to purchase it.

Bloodhound – Great Winter

Last, but certainly not least of the Legend skins is Great Winter Bloodhound which was last in the store back in March of 2019. Keep in mind, you’ll need the Imperial Warrior skin to buy this cosmetic.

Flatline – Teal Zeal

The Flatline Teal Zeal skin will also be returning in Season 10, so that’s another reason to use the heavy ammo weapon.

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So, there you have it, that’s all of the leaked OG skins that we know are returning at some point during Season 10. It’s likely Respawn won’t keep these exclusive skins in store for long so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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