Odd Apex Legends glitch turns Pathfinder into a flying kite

Albert Petrosyan
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has figured out how to turn the Pathfinder into a flying kite thanks to an odd glitch in the game.

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Despite its success so far, there is no hiding the fact that Apex Legends continues to be littered with various bugs, glitches, and exploits.

While some glitches are of the game-breaking variety, this most recent one is more on the lighter side of things, although it does have the potential of providing an advantage if exploited.

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Player turns Pathfinder into a kite

On April 17, Reddit user ‘Stay_Curious85‘ posted a video in which he, playing as Pathfinder, manages to attach his Grappling Hook to the Octane’s Launch Pad that’s sitting on a supply crate, which in-turn allows the Legend to hover around like a kite while attached to the crate.

The Reddit user also explained that another attempt, which he did not record, resulted in the Pathfinder hovering straight above the crate and high in the air, similar to a balloon tied with a string.

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Jump glitch in Apex Legends

As the Reddit user in his post, his whole intention behind trying this trick was to find another way to exploit the notoriously powerful jump glitch that’s currently plaguing the game.

The jump glitch essentially involves opening up a supply crate and punching it non-stop for a few minutes, which builds enough momentum that when you jump after all that punching, you fly extremely high and far on the map.

The player explained that he was simply trying to take that to another level by using the Grappling Hook to get to the Launch Pad, instead of just jumping on it, thinking it would result in an even stronger jump.


Recent craziness in Apex Legends

As one user in the comments section rightfully pointed out, there has been a lot of “weird random crap” in the game recently, which could be attributed to the massive v1.1.1 update that went live on April 16.

The update has already caused serious issues with Gibraltar and Caustic, causing confusion and inconsistencies with how their Body Armor works, as well as an unintended new ability given to Gibraltar which allows him to cast aside Arc Stars that are thrown his way.

While the bugs and glitches in Apex Legends can be excused for now, since the game is still so young, but Respawn Entertainment should definitely start cleaning things up before they get too out of hand.