Octane’s stim glitch is back in Apex Legends Season 10

. 10 months ago
Octane running in Apex Legends Kings Canyon.
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Apex Legends players have discovered a new and improved version of the Octane stim glitch that first appeared in Season 6, and although it works differently, it’s can still be just as good.

Apex Legends Season 6 introduced lots of new things to the game, and one of them was the unintentional addition of a holo spray exploit that allowed Octane players to get a bigger speed boost than normal.

The premise was simple: By pressing the stim ability and holo spray together when Octane’s previous stim is about to run out, he can run with the effect for a little longer. It was also possible to repeatedly chain them.

Of course, it was more or less removed from the game. However, players discovered a similar exploit in Season 10, and although it might not be directly related to the old one, it’s still considered a new and improved version.

Apex Legends Octane Jump Pad
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Octane players will love the new version of the stim exploit – if they can pull it off.

Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An was chasing down an opponent with the Bocek Bow as Octane. And after activating the stim ability once, he ran through a Wraith portal and somehow activated it again after exiting it.

“Oh my god, I double stimmed, and I’m extra fast,” he said while running twice the normal speed. “I exploited. I don’t know what I did.”

Unfortunately for iiTzTimmy, he got downed shortly after. However, the fact he seemingly discovered a new version of the exploit is big news.

Players are still trying to figure out how it happened. And although it appears to be harder to pull off than the old version, if they can replicate it, it might become a common thing once again.

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