Apex Legends crashes fixed by March Nvidia driver update

. 3 years ago

Nvidia have released an update for their Game Ready driver that fixes an issue causing Apex Legends to crash.

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The launch of Apex Legends has been an enormous success, becoming one of the most popular games in the world almost overnight following its relatively sudden release on February 4.

While the game’s launch was remarkably smooth by the standards often expected of a title releasing to such massive immediate interest, that doesn’t mean that players have experienced no issues.

By far the most significant problem facing the game in its first weeks has been a tendency for crashes for some players. While much of the player-base has enjoyed the game largely uninterrupted, some find themselves periodically dropped out of games without warning.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends already has more than 50 million players worldwide.

Fortunately for players using an Nvidia graphics card, however, at least one source of these crashes may now have been fixed.

The latest update to the GeForce Game Ready WHQL driver, version 419.35, is optimized for Apex Legends alongside Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2, and specifically addresses the “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG” bug that causes Apex to crash.

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While this error may not be the only cause of crashes in Apex, it should at least reduce the frequency of issues for players with Nvidia graphics cards. The driver update can be downloaded through the GeForce Experience app.

Despite the issues, Apex’s popularity doesn’t seem to have suffered too much. Respawn Entertainment revealed on March 4 that the game had surpassed 50 million players worldwide just a month after launch – a feat that took Fortnite almost four times as long.

Respawn themselves have also addressed a variety of in-game bugs and exploits since the release, and are expected to launch the game’s inaugural season on March 12.

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