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Clever Noxious buff could help Caustic rival Gibraltar in Apex Legends

Published: 20/Jan/2020 11:05 Updated: 20/Jan/2020 11:08

by Andy Williams


After the Grand Soirée event update in Apex Legends, Gibraltar is now more powerful than ever, but this Caustic buff could be the secret ingredient to rival the Shielded Fortress.

Following Apex Legends’ Grand Soirée event update, Gibraltar was given with a significant improvement on their Passive Abilities, with a quicker revive time with cover from all angles under their ‘Dome of Protection.’

This, according to popular Mixer streamer, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, has rendered Legends like Lifeline useless in the game’s current meta.

Lifeline healing someone in Apex Legends.
Lifeline’s appeal has been reduced following Gibraltar’s buff.

Labeled the ‘tanks’ of the Apex Games, Gibraltar and Caustic both have the same movement speed as the nippy Interdimensional Skirmisher, Wraith. 

What lets both Legends down, however, is their larger hitbox and reduced mobility in tight situations. Since Gibraltar has received a ton of buffs to compensate, Caustic is seemingly being left behind in the dust. 

Yet, one player has other ideas for the Toxic Trapper. Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, loremaster FrozenFroh has devised a savvy way of providing Caustic with handy boost to his nox-related abilities. 

The mad scientist would receive a quicker deployment time for his Nox Gas Trap, by halving the animation from two seconds to one.

Illustrated Buff Ideas: Caustic from apexlegends

Alongside utilizing the gas faster, it would also have a slightly increased radius — meaning that the devastating effects would harm enemies who are further away as part of the buff. 

Finally, Caustic’s teammates wouldn’t have to suffer the adverse effects of Nox’s Tactical Ability (e.g., inhibited vision), for the first 3-4 seconds of sprinting through the gas.

One Reddit user took the liberty of explaining how Caustic was better suited to the more compact spaces that Kings Canyon brought: “When the map changed, I could not play him anymore. He is way too big to be frolicking around the fields of World’s Edge.”

FrozenFroh agreed, writing: “Kings Canyon had way more closer spaces and he really did shine – buildings were smaller, too. Even in World’s Edge, the smallest buildings have enough space to hug the wall and not be punished by the gas.”

Since Caustic’s last buff halved the magnitude of the speed reduction effects, Respawn may be skeptical about tweaking his Gas Trap ability for allies. However, reducing deployment time and gas radius could bolster Caustic’s chances in World’s Edge.

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Apex Legends dev defends Wraith nerfs coming in Season 8

Published: 28/Nov/2020 15:32

by Joe Craven


John Larson, Live Balance Designer at Respawn Entertainment, has defended the changes Wraith is set to undergo in Apex Legends Season 8, following comments from Daniel Klein. 

Balancing legends has long been a contentious topic in the Apex Legends community, with mains of various characters keen to see buffs. The admission, for example, that Mirage will never be a top-tier character irked many of the legend’s biggest fans.

The focus of the community is currently on Wraith, the Interdimensional Skirmisher who has long been in the upper-echelons of Apex Legends. However, comments from developer Daniel Klein about Respawn’s efforts to get Wraith “under control” in Season 8 led many to believe that she is set for significant nerfs. Unsurprisingly, this caused considerable discussion among Wraith players – and those sick of coming up against her.

Wraith with a gun smiling in APex Legends
Wraith looks set for a nerf in Apex Legends Season 8.

His comments generally revolved around fixing Wraith’s hitbox – rather than nerfing her equipment to any greater degree. However, many believe she has been nerfed enough and further weakening is not the correct response.

Redditor ‘QuikScopeDash’ is one who took this stance, joking that they would main Crypto because Wraith has been nerfed so significantly.

This prompted a lengthy reply from John Larson, a Live Balance Designer at Respawn. He prefixed his comment by explaining that he is a Wraith main and wants her to remain viable.

“Wraith’s kit has been nerfed and tweaked more than any other legend’s, but her win rate and encounter win rate has remained an anomaly,” Larson said. “The common argument is that mechanically gifted players are drawn to her kit, but when we filter by skill brackets (rank, average damage, you name it) she’s still head and shoulders above everyone. So what does this mean?”

John Larson comment Wraith nerf Respawn
Larson’s reply on Reddit.

Issues with Reddit moderation resulted in large portions of Larson’s comment being removed, but his point remained clear. Despite the various nerfs Wraith and her kit have suffered, her stats suggest she is still performing incredibly well.

He went on to compare Wraith with Pathfinder, explaining that “we never want to nerf legends to the point where they lose their identity.”

Many fear Wraith is approaching that point, and want the Voidwalker to remain as powerful as she’s always been.