Nifty Apex Legends trick lets Lifeline and Horizon combine for mile-high heals

Connor Bennett
Horizon looking to the right in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have got a new trick involving Horizon and Lifeline that allows them to soar above enemies, and get heals off at the exact same time. 

Ever since Apex Legends first launched, fans have been experimenting with the different abilities, finding new and interesting ways to use them in order to get a leg up on the opposition.

Some of the tricks have been pretty fun, if not all that useful in top-level games, but there have been a couple – like the flying Rampart minigun – that can really cause havoc in matches.

Now, players have been experimenting with Horizon and Lifeline to pull off a timing trick that allows them to fly in the sky and get heals off, but could also be a bit of a platform to rain down on enemies below.

horizon apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon’s Gravity Lift can give players some sweet air time.

The trick was highlighted by YouTubers Chadward and RossBobSquirrel, noting that it can be used to either launch yourself in the air or your teammate.

All you have to do is have a Lifeline and Horizon in your squad, with the pair of them having their tacticals ready. Firstly, the Lifeline throws out her health drone, and either character stands on top of it. Once you’re able to see the inside of the drone, Horizon has to toss out her gravity lift.

As the YouTubers show, if it is timed correctly, you’ll fly about 200 meters into the air. Plus, if enemies start shooting you and you need health, Lifeline’s drone will provide it at the same time.

Now, is this trick all that useful in-game? Well, that’s debatable. The timing needed to make it work means that you can hardly do it in a close-quarters fight, but if you’re spread out and want to baffle enemies, it could work.

So, when you next drop into Apex, keep your eyes to the sky, you never know what might be flying around.